I Don’t Enjoy Sex With My Husband: What Is Wrong With Me.

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I don’t enjoy sex, it is like a chore for me, I only do it because I have to, well I am married and I don’t want my husband to begin to suspect something.

I studied extensively and asked lots of questions regarding sexual intercourse before I decided to take the bull by the horn and taste it.

i don't enjoy sex with my husband

My journey is quite different from a lot of other women, I have been a pretty decent lady, I kept myself up until I left the university before I finally decided to swipe my Virginity card. Although in between my abstinence period I always listened to my friends’ sex escapades. Everything from foreplay, orgasm, bonding, etc. I would literally read novels and just imagine the scenario in my head and I was ready to finally be a woman so badly.

Ladies Jesting

By the time I had my first experience, I was already matured both physically and emotionally. I knew what I wanted and I was in a relationship with someone I am physically attracted to.  On that day I told my friends and they wished me luck.

Against popular saying that virginity is a lack of opportunity, I disagree because I have had countless opportunities alone with my boyfriend, but I guess I am just lucky to find a partner that respects my decisions. I made plans to pass the night at his apartment, packed my bags,  I included a packet of emergency contraceptive pills just in case anything slips for backup. I was ready to enjoy myself. Night came, the mood was set and he was ready for action.

It was a battle of pain no pleasure I almost cried, after about 2 hours of petting, crying, and trying, the way finally opened. I bleed and it was a terrible experience. I tried a couple of days later and it was the same although not as bad as the first.

It was just never what I imagined, but I thought it would get better with practice. So every opportunity I had with my boo I needed to utilize it, unfortunately, It is the same hurtful experience. I resolved sex wasn’t for me, I was unhappy, it is not fun, how can my friends be enjoying it and I don’t. Sex is overrated, I have low libido or maybe I was circumcised at birth I taught to myself. I started to research female circumcision, I even stylishly asked my aunty (I was raised by her) she confirmed I wasn’t.

A beautiful lady who does not enjoy sex
A married woman worried about her sex life

Fast forward to getting married, living with my husband (my then-boyfriend), and performing my wifely duties, I do not enjoy sex with my husband, It feels like a painful task for me, I don’t last long, I am hardly in the mood, it is always painful and uncomfortable. My husband on the other hand is young and vibrant he wants to connect at any given chance.

I knew that was a problem already “sexual incompatibility“, I could lose him if I don’t step up, I can’t imagine him having an affair. My marriage is young and sex is one of the fuels to keep it running but my inadequacies are about to ruin it. I opened up to one of my friends and explained my plight, to my surprise in my sadness and worry she burst into laughter. I was confused wondering if what am going through is funny, I am having this challenge if you can’t help me don’t laugh at me I mentioned.

She explained that it is just mere low libido where one has little to no sexual urges, which could be caused by hormonal imbalance or nothing at all, it just happens. A few days later I got delivery of some products she purchased on my behalf which I used for a few days and it helped me improve my sex life greatly.

In my wildest imagination, it’s like I have been living under the rock and suffering myself in ignorance. Now I know exactly what sexual intercourse is. My libido is high above the roof, I just hear my husband whisper into my ears babe you are so sweet.

My marriage life is better, my partner and I have bonded so well. I now enjoy sex with my husband

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