I’m In Love With My Best Friend’s Girlfriend, I lost both her and my Best friend

by Onyinye Ogbuka
I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend/Twitter/Mildstrings

I’m in love with my best friend’s girlfriend. This is the worst mistake I made. I am human and my feelings are normal, but I should not have dated her. She was my whole world. I thought my love was enough till she proved otherwise and hurt me.

I’m in love with my best friend’s girlfriend… Surprise!!!

I kicked the door open with my feet and called out, “babe, I am home”.

No answer. Well, maybe she is probably sleeping.

I whistled happily as I placed the grocery bags on the table, I removed the contents of the grocery bag and spread them across the kitchen island.

I smile as I imagine her surprise when she finds out I am going to be making her dinner.

I do a mental whirl in my head.

Chai, this night should be an addition to the several confirmations of me being the perfect man for her.

Maybe I should get her a ring, I can’t wait for her to be my wife.

I had gone to the supermarket to get what I need to make badass fried rice and peppered chicken.

I am not enough…

I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend/Pinterest image

I take a moment to pause and wonder what is going on. Sounds make their way out from inside the house and I wonder, is she not at home, why did she not reply.

I abandon what I am doing and make my way inside. I hear sounds from my room and walk towards my room then open the door.

For a minute, I am unable to breathe, I just stare and I feel a tightening in my chest.

All I want to do is to run away, run far away but I am unable to, I can’t seem to move my feet no matter how hard I try. I am rooted to the spot.

I’m in love with my best friend’s girlfriend…Payback time

My best friend notices my presence and maintains eye contact. He smiles hard and makes more sounds as he urges my girlfriend to ride him harder. My girlfriend is astride him and riding him like there is no tomorrow.

Whilst maintaining eye contact, he lifts his hands to hold her bouncing breast and kneads them.

Tears have begun to make their way down the planes of my face. My girlfriend, (I don’t know if I should still call her that again) who is still riding my best friend seems to have reached her peak as she convulses and lets out a strangled cry. She slumps atop my best friend and rolls away from him.

I’m in love with my best friend’s girlfriend. Caught…. heartbroken

She sees me and shouts in shock, my best friend starts laughing. My girlfriend covers herself in shame, hurriedly climbs down from the bed to kneel before me

She holds my joggers and begins to beg. I don’t hear her talking. My eyes are trained on the guy I called a best friend. He is clearly at ease after what he has done to me.

He dresses himself up whilst chuckling while she begs.

On his way out of the room, he pauses before me and rudely brushes my shoulder with his broader ones.

He makes his way out of the room and laughs loudly behind me.

I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend/Mildstrings

The way it hurts…

I can’t begin to describe the depth of the pain I feel in my heart. I want to disappear from here. I firmly but gently take her hands off me and make my way out of the house.

I get into my car and zoom out of my compound. I drive mindlessly without any direction in mind. After thirty minutes, I park somewhere, turn off the ignition, and cry.

So this is how it feels, this is how heartbreak feels. I blame myself for falling in love with someone that was never mine

I’m in love with my best friend’s girlfriend… A very random love

The first I saw her, it was on a very random day. I walked into my best friend’s house and met her sitting. I halted in my tracks for a moment and she noticed me.

She introduced herself and I eagerly extended my hands for a handshake.

Wow, I say to myself she has the softest hands ever. She is petite. The kind I would love to wrap my arms around. Quite on the busty side but perfect all the same. Her voice washed over me like water to cool something inside I don’t understand.

The attraction was instant.

Yes, she was never mine

My friend walked out of the room and we exchanged pleasantries.

He introduced her as his girlfriend, I felt my heart fall into my stomach.

I masked my disappointment and hyped him a bit. I also complimented her and ask her to take care of my friend for me.

Inside, I am sad because I know she is going to shed tears by the time the relationship ends.

I’ve known my friend for 8 years, we met in our university days and ever since we met, I have always known him to be a playboy.

My best friend, Maduka has always been a playboy. He has never had a lasting relationship with any girl no matter how virtuous or how endowed she is. He believes in living in the moment, I have a bit of a problem with that ideology. It’s gets annoying sometimes seeing a new girl in his arms every month but it’s tolerable because we don’t live together.

I have had one or two girlfriends but we didn’t last long. I just dated them because I liked them and also to belong.

I wish I could pretend I didn’t need you

I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend/Mildstrings

In all my 26 years, this is the first person that makes me tingle, and unfortunately, she is my best friend’s girlfriend.

We all sat down and he drew her closer to himself while I trained my attention on the Telemundo channel playing before me.

They started kissing, whispering sweet nothings to each other and smiling, and doing very mushy stuff. If it were another girl, I would not have had issues with it, but it’s her, and somehow I was unable to ignore what they were doing. The Telemundo channel and me trying to shut them out incited a headache I will rather avoid.

I begged to take my leave and greeted them farewell. I make my way out of the house cutting short a visit that was supposed to last two hours to fifteen minutes.

I find no peace

I drove back to my house. If I don’t advise myself, no one will. I gave myself a pep talk and promised to forget her.

I got busy immediately, it was futile!

The very memory of her haunted me and I was unable to have respite. I didn’t know what to do and it was infuriating. She was the kind of woman I wanted but she belonged to my best friend even though I know he would break her heart. I try my best to distance myself.

The waters brought you to me

Just as I had predicted, one month after, she called me with an unknown number. I picked up her call and what greeted me at the other end of the phone was a crying woman. I switched to video call and her face is red from crying. I tried to calm her down when she is unable to, I went to her house. She welcomed me and fell into my arms. I just stroked her back while she cried. After a while, she narrated how my friend was cheating on her and neglecting her.

I grimace at the thought of how long I have maintained contact with someone like this who changes women like cloth.

She asked me to help her beg and talk to him. I promised to do so.

I met up with my friend after a few days and asked him why he is treating her like that. He dismissed my question with a wave of his hand and says, “baba, leave that babe, I don chop am finish. How I go chop one food for one month. I dey find another babe and them plenty die. I expect you to know me by now, I like variety”.

I am at loss for words but I manage to say a few things to him. “Guy that girl loves you, you should have seen the way she was crying in my arms. Stop treating her like that, it’s not fair. You can’t just break up with her for no reason at all.”

He managed to change the topic and swept it under the carpet.

I’m in love with my best friend’s girlfriend… Against my very sensible will

I don’t want to be involved in all this. Yet, I am in the middle of it.

I became upset and left him at our rendezvous. She called again, this time she came to my house and I updated her on my progress.

We agree she is going to leave him and focus on better things.

It’s annoying, I have feelings for her and I don’t want her to be around me yet I don’t want to break her heart by cutting off communications with her.

In an annoying twist of events, she was always visiting and confiding in me. The more she does this, the more my feelings for her grow.

I’m in love with my best friend’s girlfriend… Food fight…

One day while I was in the sitting room, working on my laptop. She came visiting, we greeted each other and she walked into the kitchen to ransack it.

She let out a squeal. I had forgotten I made food, I dashed into the kitchen.

I just made rice and grilled turkey and I planned to eat it that night. I got to the kitchen in time to see her reaching for the turkey and I tried to stop her. She quickly took it and dashed behind the kitchen island.

I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend/mildstrings
I am in love with my best friend’s girlfriend

I was not happy to share that turkey with her. We began a little dance on if I will catch her. I finally caught her and wrestled the turkey out of her hands.

A kiss here… be mine?

I raised my hands so she couldn’t reach the turkey. She held my clothes and in an attempt to reach the turkey she was jumping and somehow her upper half was getting in my face and her body registering itself all over my body.

I became conscious of her and more aware of her every move throughout the length of me.

Be mine

Unconsciously, I wrapped my hands around her waist to still her, before she drove me crazy. She is out of breath and I can’t help but notice the sparkle in her brown eyes, her wide smile, her undulating chest, and her plump lips.

It is only right that I release her and get out of that kitchen but I have always been known for doing stupid things.

Before a second thought materializes, I smashed my lips on hers. I was not gentle. Every pent-up attraction that had built into a raging furnace, I poured into that kiss. She tensed and was shocked, after a while, she fell into me and returned my kiss with equal fervor. She made those little sounds at the back of her throat that drove me crazy and I found myself about to explode.

I can strip her there and have my way with her on the kitchen island but I am not my best friend. She is a queen and I will treat her like one.

Just a chance

I wrenched my lips away from her, I closed my eyes to fight forces beyond me that wanted me to claim her on that island. I liked doing things the right way, so I asked, “Jasmine be my girlfriend?

I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend/Mildstrings
I am in love with my best friend’s girlfriend

She was shocked and tried to push me off her in a moment of hysteria. I held her place till she calmed down. I knew I had my work cut out for me.

I could not have her say no and over the course of the next two weeks, I courted her ardently.

The day she said yes was the happiest day of my life.

She is mine…

My best friend found out I was dating her and expressed his displeasure.

I told him he dumped her but I picked her up so his anger was not justified. He called her second hand to my face. It irked me and I sternly warned him never to call her that in my presence. I have never been one to get physical but I nearly broke my record that day.

My relationship with him waned because he would not allow me to rest and would always attack my relationship with her.

The perfect man for you

In three months we dated, I was convinced she was the one for me. Though we met under the wrong circumstance, I made sure to treat her like the Queen she was.

Withered Roses… Forgotten summers

Now, this is how she pays me back.

Cheating on me by sleeping with my own best friend inside my house and on my bed. She was not even considerate enough to take her business outside. I really do not want to hear her excuse.

To think I was going to propose to her. I messed up when I decided to date a friend’s ex-girlfriend

Once bitten twice shy so it will never happen again. This is the end though.

I drive back home and meet her there. She is red from crying and I laugh in derision. I tell her to leave my house and when she sees I am not budging, she makes her way of the house.

I lock my door and cry. I have learned my lesson, I will lick my wounds alone and heal and move on.


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