How long should a married woman stay out for

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what should married women come home from work

Should a married woman stay out late? Of course not likewise a married man shouldn’t stay out late. But there is much emphasis on the time a married woman should come home because of the responsibility a wife and mother has to her home.

Married women are superpowers they do a lot for their home and family, from cleaning, cooking, arranging, planning, caring, tidying, clearing, thinking, making decisions, etc the list is endless.

Married women are the backbone of the home, a married man can be away from his family for months, and still, the home will be going well. But you can not leave a husband alone with the kids for a day, it becomes unbearable for him.

Due to the task and duties, a married woman fills in her home it is very important to know the appropriate time to come home when she leaves the house.

A married woman with kids has more responsibilities and should come home in time
Family Time

A married woman duty to her husband.

A married woman’s duty to her husband is endless, most of the duties are not even always assigned but because she can’t leave the husband to let things go in the wrong direction she would step in and perform them.

1. A married woman has to care for her home and husband

2. She has to provide guidance, counseling, and encouragement

3. She has to cook and clean for her husband, not necessarily be his dry cleaner, but when a good woman is present in a man life, her presence is always felt by all

4. She has matrimonial duties to satisfy his sexual needs.

a married couple
Married couple

A married woman duty to her children and home.

1. She is responsible for raising her kids, emotionally, spiritually,

2. She is responsible for cooking, cleaning for her kids, preparing them for school, and seeing that her family is great.

A married woman is literally the neck that holds the family, and if she is away for even a few minutes, a lot of things could go wrong.

what time should a married woman come home to her kids
Married woman duties to her kids

What time should a working married woman come home

A working married woman should come home right after working hours, that is probably if she doesn’t have any domestic errands to run, like groceries shopping and the likes, I think once a woman gets married she has given her life to a new course which is her family.

Except she does a profession that requires her to stay the night at her job otherwise she has to be home to take care of her family because she has a responsibility to her kids and her home.

The married world is a different ball game on its own, that’s why most single ladies dread to be married.

Another question is can a married woman hang out with her single friends .

should a married woman continue to hang out with her single friends
Group of friends

My answer is yes a married woman is allowed to hang out with her single friends both male and female.

For her male friends, she should only keep the ones that respect her and her marriage, but if her husband demands she cut them off she would need to go have a conversation with him to understand his reason for such demands.

As a married woman if you hang out with your single friends you have to know the appropriate time to return home because you have a family that loves, cares, and depends on you waiting on your arrival to share their time with you before going to bed.

Can I hang out with friends after working hours

It is not advisable that as a working married woman you should go hanging out with friends after working hours. you can hang out with friends both single and married but it is best you set aside another day for such fun so as not to overlap with family time.

It is very easy for a married man to continue his previous lifestyle after marriage than for a married woman, let’s face it, a man’s life gets extremely better after marriage due to the presence of a woman.

He gets the luxury of someone who cooks for him, cleans for him, plans for him, care for him, a woman’s role in a man’s life is just not quantifiable. And the sweetest part of it is that he enjoys all of it for free no charge.

A working-class, married woman who has kids would not even have enough time for extra curriculum activities talk less about staying out late.

The stress from work, pressure to take care of her kids, and even having time to relax will make her want to get home early.

Conditions to determine the appropraite time a married woman should come home

But certain conditions should be checked before knowing what time a married woman should come home

1. What time do you close work?

2. How long will it take you to get home from work?

3. What activities do you need to do on your way before you get home?

4. what is the traffic situation of the road you ply home every day?

5. How safe is the neighborhood you live in if you are out at night?

6. Is your community safe for women?

7. In case of any emergency, is your husband readily available to come through anytime?

8. The general curfew time in your city

9. How busy is your city at Night. For married women who live in busy cities that run 24 hours

10. The time your husband return home

For stay at home married women.

As a stay-at-home married woman, you would want to go out and get in touch with what is going on outside, this is very important to stay in trend and be socially active. For most stay-at-home moms, who don’t work from home it is very easy to get sucked up house chores, cooking, and cleaning to the point where you don’t have a social life.

For married women like this determining what time to return home is not a thing mostly because their times have been programmed to always be for their children and family.

it is highly recommended that a stay-at-home mom, you should get active by leaving your home to socialize at least once in a while, this will keep you enlightened and informed, you don’t want to be stale and deprive yourself of engaging and reconnecting with friends. However, keep your outings responsible, and always remember you have to be safe for your loved ones.


Married women should not be given a specific time to come home owing to various factors like her work closing hours,  distance, etc, the only reason why the time she should be home has to be given is if there are trust issues in the marriage, or she has some health challenges like driving at night.

If there are trust issues where she cheated or almost cheated because she was out with some of her single friends then she should be home on time to avoid future occurrences.

A married man is also supposed to be home in time to take care of his family, it is a 2-way thing. A married woman has to respect her family and be home when it is appropriate likewise a married man. A married woman might want to be conscious of the time when she’s out with her single friends compared to when she’s out with her married friends.

Married friends also have families to return to and care for, unlike the single one who could stay out as long as they want to and even spend the night on a one-night stand.

Marriage is a union of trust. The first step is to trust your spouse and not be always suspicious whenever they are out or return home late.

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