The Female Breast is her ultimate sex organ. Learn the Tricks.

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is the female breast her most sensitive sex organ

Women love that sweet, pure, blissful sensation that goes directly to their spine whenever a man who knows and understands breasts foreplay caresses their breasts lucking and sucking every nook and cranny of her nipple, the feeling is just pure bliss and it makes us horny as hell. In fact boobs are the ultimate sex organ it has so many sensitive nerves that sends information to the brain and prepares her body for sexual intercourse.

The boobs is the turn on for a woman unlike the ass, no matter what you do it, it doesn’t really have any effect on how much  feelings she would get in preparation for sex compared to the power of the boobs.

Just like men get erect when horny, so also does the boob get erect through the nipple; this is the indication of blood rushing down the nipple.  You would observe her boobs and nipple get warm now use your hands to carry those gorgeous boobs softly and gently, make your thumb run and glide slowly up and down her nipple. At this point she would be smiling and would have released her body to you. The floor is yours!!

How to suck and manipulate the nipple

You are going to suck her but your tongue would do most of the work.

You will concentrate on her nipple and the Areola. Follow these simple and short steps

1. Lick the top of her nipple

2. Touch her Nipple

3. Rub her Areola

4. Suck her nipple.

5. Gently pull her nipple

6. Softly pinch her nipple

7. Kneed and twist her nipple

Remember the goal is to make her enjoy different sensation all at the same time, repeat this steps over and over for about 20mins or less. Get her to moan and scream in pleasure get her all gingered up and begging you for your touch. Now its time to move to the next stage

Massage her boobs

Get a very smooth and gently oil like almond or coconut oil or any other soothing oil. You can bring her to orgasm with a scintillating boobs massage.

1. Grab her boobs and gently lift them. Let her lie on her back or sit with her back resting on the chair.

2. Kiss and stroke every angle of her breasts slowly and keep eye contact with her

3. Make sure to show every inch of her breasts attention don’t focus only on her nipple.

4. Push her boobs together, smooch it together and rub them together, make sure to squeeze and fondle them together. 

Kiss her on the lips and keep on squeezing those boobs at once.

Gently trace the areola with the tip of your fingers just in a feather like manner. Keep on massaging and kissing her. You can also gently move one of your hands to her thighs and slowly down her vagina to check if she’s getting wet and ready for penetration.

Make sure the nipple is still erect by kissing her neck and continue pinching, rolling and fondling the boobs till she begs and scream for you to penetrate her.

Now you can move down to her pussy and give her a head. A brief and sweet oral sex using both your fingers and your tongue before you penetrate.

Never forget to always, touch, lick and suck her nipple, rub her areola, and also don’t forget to run your fingers along her thighs while doing all this

It will keep are wet and horny for penetration.

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