Is Waiting a Sign of True Love?

by Ben Danor

Is waiting a sign of true love? This question has gathered diverse kinds of opinions on forums and in interviews. Is it a sign of true love if your partner waits for you? Is true love worth the wait? This question has been asked in several ways. 

Let’s assume you’re in a relationship with someone who is still studying and has some years left, but you are ready for marriage. Will you wait for the person, and does that mean you truly love the person? Some people have spoken about waiting for and marrying their highschool sweetheart and how much they are enjoying their marriage until date. On the other hand, others try to balance dating and schooling.

Of course, you should be able to wait for someone if you love them very much. However, some waits aren’t worth it. Imagine waiting for someone who has already moved on; you’re doing nothing other than wasting your precious time. 

Before we go deeper into this question, let’s discuss what true love means and signs that someone truly loves you. It is hard to differentiate between genuine love and fake love these days. The irony is that many people take the fake one for the real and vice-versa. 

Let’s discuss what true love entails and how to know a man or woman who genuinely loves you and wants a serious relationship with you, not a relationship that has no destination. 

Is Waiting a Sign of True Love?

What is True Love?

The word “true love” is quite difficult to give a certain definition; everyone sees it from different perspectives. True love has tons of definitions. However, we will pick a few; you can add yours. Take it or leave it; we all see true love from different angles; hence, your definition might be better than ours. 

True love entails making sacrifices for one’s partner, putting them before ourselves, staying Committed with Them, and remaining unwavering despite the tides. If you study this definition well, it doesn’t say there won’t be tides but staying strong after all is important. 

Some relationships have gone through unthinkable things, but they still came out strong; this is the power of true love. Even When things go south, they hold each other until the storm is over.

According to some people, true love has to do with lasting affection between couples. This means the love is not tested over a short period of time but a long period. 

If you just met your partner a few months ago, don’t be too quick to think he truly loves you due to the love he has shown you

Wait till he sees you in your worst state; how do they react? It takes time to test true love. You just met a few months ago; you can’t know their true colors yet And won’t even know if they truly love you since it’s still early. 

Someone you just met a few months ago will show you heaven on earth. Give them more months, and you start to see their true color. By that time, no one would tell you if they loved you or not. How do you expect someone you met not quite long to treat you?

You see men in their 90s Showing their wives affection and care; that is what True love means. Even though they have been together for ages, the relationship is still solid. True love takes plenty of time; it’s not built in an instant.

True love entails making sacrifices for that person we love. This means we do things that are at our own disadvantage to make our significant other happy. If your spouse is not ready to sacrifice a little discomfort for your sake, it is not true love. 

This means you love someone to the extent that you are ready to put aside your personal desires for the other person. You do this willingly and do not regret making such a decision. Any time you remember making that decision, you are always glad you did. 

Some described true love as the best feeling in life; you don’t know the source; it just hits you. If you experience true love in a relationship, you won’t want to quit such a relationship. 

5 Things You Should Know About True Love

  1. The Best Way to Find True Love is By Loving Yourself first

You need to love yourself first to find true love. I am sure you must have heard this somewhere, and it might sound like a cliche, but it is the bitter truth. 

You must love yourself first before you can love another person. It is not possible to give what one doesn’t have. 

How would you reciprocate that feeling to your significant other if you don’t love yourself? Loving yourself doesn’t mean you are selfish; there is no way you can dash out what is not in your custody. 

Can you promise someone a new house while you are still renting your current apartment? But if you have many houses, you can promise someone a house since you have many you can give out. 

This applies to relationships and true love; there is no way you can show someone true love when you haven’t even experienced it with yourself. 

  1. True Love is Natural

In most cases, true love comes naturally. You don’t know how it started; or what attracted you; you just know that you met them and you fell for them. 

True love can’t be explained; the only explanation you can give is that it just happened. When people ask about your love story, they are always amazed because it doesn’t sound like the regular love stories. 

When you are with your partner, everything feels natural. You could sense that your match was made in heaven. 

  1. Men Fall in Love Faster Than Women

When it comes to falling in love, men are usually the first person to do so. Men are more likely to fall in love faster than their female counterparts. 

Several studies have confirmed this. It has also been discovered that men tend to say “I love you” first. 

  1. You Need To Share Love To Receive Love

Love is not something you can use as a bargaining chip. You must give love to receive love. Always confess your love for your partner every time, not only When they do something that makes you happy. 

Even When things are not going as planned, tell them you love them. That could be all they needed to get back on their feet. True love is unconditional; even during those hard times, show them love. Show them love, When things are going well and when they are not. 

  1. There’s No True Love Without Friendship

True love is not possible without friendship. In fact, it is often advised you marry someone who is your friend. 

This is because friendship plays a large role in the happy relationships and marriages you see today. Your partner must be your friend to have a successful relationship. 

  1. True Love Entails Commitment

If someone claims to have a true love for you, they will be committed to you. Even when the ship gets hit by a storm, the commitment will still be there. \

You don’t have to plead for commitment if you’re dating someone who loves you genuinely. 

Other people don’t attract you. When you are truly in love, you see your partner as everything you need. 

Is Waiting a Sign of True Love?

Is Waiting a Sign of True Love?

Back to our question, is waiting a sign of true love? Yes, waiting is a sign of true love. If someone truly loves you, they should be able to wait. In fact, if you notice that the person you are talking to is rushing things, you should investigate that. 

 Patience is a sign of true love and a great way to test true love. Of course, Everyone claims they love you. You need to test them to know those who truly love you. 

If your significant other can wait, it’s a sign that they are not rushing things. They are ready to wait till it’s convenient for you; only someone who loves you would do this. 

When you go through tough times, your partner will wait till you are back on your feet if they genuinely love you. Some people ask, is true love worth the wait? If the love is true and genuine, it is worth the wait. 

Final Words

Keep this in mind, waiting is a sign of true love. However, try to be available while your partner waits for you. 

For some couples, a party travels abroad, and the other is wondering whether they should wait or not. If the party outside the country calls regularly and checks up on you, they are worth waiting for. 

However, if, in your case, the other party is not even active and cares less, it is better to move on. If you want your partner to wait, give them something they can hold on to. 

Something that will always remind them of the promise and assure them that the wait is worth it. If these things are in place, waiting would be worth it. 

Have you ever waited for someone you loved? How did it go? You can share them with the mildstrings community if you don’t mind. You can send us an email or make use of the comments section. If you find this article helpful, please share. 

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