Kayanmata Is A Charm! This is what Ladies Use on Men

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kayanmata is evil

Married women in Nigeria grip at the mention of the word kayanmata, because it is believed to be a charm. I bet most women would even rain curses on the girls who use it, because it is believed to be a charm and hence very evil and dubious. 

Kayanmata can be evil and it could also be a charm because most women both single and married women use it for their selfish gains and interest rather than to improve or enhance their sex life. 

I would even prefer to use the word Aphrodisiac, sex herbs, or sex supplements rather than say Kayanmata?

Why? Because they have bastardized that word in Nigeria and some other parts of West Africa like Ghana, Zambia to be an evil item that is used to collect another woman’s man, control a man and collect material things for a man whether he likes you, whether he doesn’t, even if he has sexual relationships or not.

Women engage in charm and evil kayanmata and it has become a norm in our society, In fact, evil kayanmata is publicly sold on the internet without fear or shame, rather than condemnation, this vendor receives praises and unlimited sales and in a few days, they are even sold out.

The menace of Kayanmata in Nigeria is alarming, men have to be careful now with the kind of women they see or lay with, gone are those days when everything was fetish and ladies had to visit sham men, know a man’s mother’s maiden name, give out a man’s pictures, bury objects or recite incantations before they can have their way, take access of your possession and acquire wealth through you.

These days all of the cumbersome rituals are now packaged in simpler methods in form of oil, soap, ring, bracelets, waist beads, powder, rope, etc under a brand name known as Kayanmata. 

The types of Evil kayanmata are Control oil, do as I say, Favour oil, dash me money, money drawing oil, attraction oil/deadly attraction, road opener oil, reconciliation/come back to me oil, padlock kit herb, jezebel/gold digger oil, blue eye bracelet, the list is endless. 

It has even gone beyond collecting money from men to favoritism, being the center of attraction in a room full of people, being loved and favored everywhere. 

is kayanmata evil
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I once saw an advert from one of the sellers advertising the charm and evil kayanmata products as a favored oil, that can be used even when going for job search or when going to bid for a project so one can be favorited among all others. 

The was another evil kayanmata about people or better still men rushing you, like as a woman if you use the product and go to a gathering of men, you will be the one who would steal the men attention. They will be after you, they want to have your attention, collect your contact and be your lover so you can choose the person that suits you yourself. 

Now girls are the ones choosing the men they want to be with not the other way round, this is due to the effect of Evil or kayanmata charm. 

But is kayanmata actually a charm or is it meant to do evil and also does all this their claim work? I will answer all of that in this post. 

Is kayanmata a charm? 

is kayanmata a charm
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Kayanmata is a word meaning women load or women’s items. It is a Hausa word and what it signifies is the items a newly married woman takes to her husband’s house for the purpose of helping her fulfill are marital obligations which include bearing children and having sex.

The kayanmata items are supposed to be natural aphrodisiac herbs that her relations have prepared for her to sustain her marital life and make her an adorable woman for her husband. 

The first time I heard of kayanmata was in a movie because apparently some people have moved those items from being a Hausa culture and monetized them to the rest of the world as a women’s sex help kit. 

But also in the Hausa tradition of the kayanmata being a help kit, there were other items such as bonding or favoritism e.t.c due to being a polygamous society wives had to compete and they all want to be favored over one another. 

Those items were not majorly advertised or promoted it was coded or better still kept secret but they were all grouped as kayanmata. That is why my kayanmata can be evil or be a charm.

By the time it became mainstream and many women accepted the ideology of a sex help kit and favoritism. Greedy vendors needed to add more claims, this may be due to the gullibility of their customers.

The customers would request if they were items they could use to do this and that without any side effects or sacrifices involved.

So the vendors yielded to the market demand. Now it is so out of hand. Women are wild the vendors are ready to do anything to make money from customers. 

Do all these kayanmata claims work

Kayanmata is voodo
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The northern woman who started to promote this whole kayanmata women herbs to other cultures on the internet the name jaruma is no longer with her husband by the time of publishing this post. They are currently separated. This is clear evidence that their claims may be wrong. 

Evil kayanmata can actually have a negative effect on the users. It is only a matter of time. Do you think you can use something to manipulate another human being and make the person succumb to your wishes and you believe it is just purely herbs and roots?

Be careful what you engage in, that is if it is even real and not a means to collect your money. if you really need items with claims of such magnitude then be ready to enter into occultic means for them

Types of Kayanmata 

The recognized and known kayanmata in Northern Nigeria are herbs for enhancing and maintaining female reproduction, sex, and female well being, and they include herbs, oils, and scents, and they are applied in various forms all to either look good, smell good, enjoy sex, conceive or increase libido anything outside this is not Kayanmata.

Northern omen Take Beauty and self-care extremely seriously, it is a patriarchal society, and most women are stay-at-home moms or work-from-home moms. Also using Kayanmata herbs is part of their culture. A woman is believed to keep herself in good shape for her husband always.

As earlier said kayanmata is a woman’s item, which means men don’t use kayanmata. Men only use aphrodisiacs recommended for men also known as manpower, there are lots of natural herbs that men also can use to improve their sex lives.

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