10 Clear Signs He’s Losing Interest in The Relationship

by Ben Danor

It’s not usually hard to figure out when he starts losing interest in the relationship. However, if you don’t pay attention, you will barely notice. Some ladies notice signs that he’s losing interest in the relationship, and picking interest in some else, probably, their friend, but they ignore the signs. 

It could be that you have already noticed these signs but kept mute. If your man isn’t into you like before, you will sense it from his actions if you keep attention to detail. 

You will observe this sudden change; everything about him changes and the relationship may become unhealthy. He doesn’t treat you well like he did before. Sometimes, it’s not the guy’s fault, the relationship might be too boring, and nothing is being done to make it lively. People have different reasons for losing interest in a relationship. 

So you’re confused about the status of your relationship. You don’t know if he’s losing interest in the relationship or you are the one overanalyzing the situation. 

You think your relationship is just experiencing a little drift apart? This article will clear your doubt and give you clarity. I’m sure after reading this article, you will know where you belong.

Losing interest in the relationship

10 Signs He’s Losing Interest in The Relationship

If you are still not sure whether he has lost interest in the relationship or not, here are ten signs that he has lost interest in the relationship:

1. He Doesn’t Call Often Like Before

As I said earlier, you will experience some new changes when your boyfriend loses interest in the relationship. A good example is this. He won’t call you as he did before. 

I am not saying he will stop calling you. He’s going to gradually draw back. Let’s assume he calls you twice a day. He starts by calling you once a day and progresses to five times a week; it’s a drastic process. When you challenge him or talk to him about it, he will give you excuses. With time, the table would turn, and you would be the one calling him. 

2. He Replies Your Texts Late, Misses Your Calls

I said it up there that the table would change, and you start to do the calling. When you send him text messages, he replies to them late.

If you call him, he won’t pick up. He would come back later with loads of excuses. It means they don’t see your message or calls as a priority. He now considers you a burden. Imagine someone who calls you often only to become someone who misses your calls! 

They won’t even call back when they eventually get the notification (that’s if he didn’t miss it intentionally)

Even when he picks up the call, the conversation is not as usual; it looks forced. You would sense that he doesn’t want to talk; you’re the one forcing it. 

3. He Doesn’t Make Efforts To Save The Relationship.

Since he has lost interest in the relationship, he won’t see any reason to put effort into the relationship. If there’s a problem that requires fixing in the relationship, they don’t want to fix it. 

How do you expect someone looking for how to exit the relationship to fix a relationship? It’s not possible. They won’t apologize for their actions even though they know that apology could solve the problem. 

They don’t want the problem to be solved from the start. They are not ready to put their time, energy and efforts into the relationship; they feel it isn’t worth it.

4. He Picks Fight on Little Things

He is always looking for reasons to pick a fight with you. He knows a fight can lead to the end of the relationship.

Even things he should or has always overlooked, he would make them a big deal and argue violently. He will complain about every task you carry out. He puts all the blame on you and refuses to be responsible for his actions. 

He easily gets angry. When you make little mistakes he used to overlook in the past; he will get angry over them and vent his anger on you. 

5. He Spends More Time With His Friends

He prefers to spend time with his friends than with you. This means he prioritizes them over you. If a guy truly loves you, he would choose you over his friends. If he considers his friends first Before you, he doesn’t regard you anymore. 

You prefer to spend time with him, but he prefers to hang out with his clique. You would think it’s not a big deal until he stops coming over to your side but rolls with his boys every time.

He only spends time with you when he needs you, probably for sex. This should tell you he doesn’t rate you at all.

6. He’s Not Eager to See You

He doesn’t see it as an issue if you don’t meet for weeks. In fact, he would always find excuses to avoid meeting you. When you finally meet, you notice that he’s not happy, nor is he eager to see you. 

Unlike before, where he welcomes you with a hug and a smile, he greets you briefly, and you can tell from his looks that he doesn’t want to see you. 

7. He Doesn’t Engage You in Conversation.

He doesn’t ask questions or leads the conversation when you talk or chat. You do the whole talking, and he’s even reluctant to reply. You would sense that he’s tired of the conversation and has little or no interest in all you have been saying.

He’s no longer concerned about how things are going in your life. Every conversation looks forced, and you can quickly tell that he’s not even interested in those conversations.

Even when he talks, he’s vague. You can’t pinpoint what he’s saying. Understanding his intentions becomes very hard since he isn’t communicating well. 

8. You’re No Longer a Priority

Your man has always treated you as a priority and would show you love every time. Suddenly, the situation changes; he chooses irrelevant things over you. He is too busy to visit you, but he has the time to hang out with friends. 

He doesn’t place you high as he does before, and he’s not ready to meet your needs. He ignores you and pays attention to things that aren’t worth it. He’s no longer scared to lose you and the relationship. That’s what he aims to achieve. 

9. He Stops Being Supportive

He has been the most supportive person in your life, but he could hardly hear you out anymore, let alone be a shoulder to cry on. He’s no longer interested in hearing your challenges; when you try to tell him, you notice he doesn’t want to hear them; this is a big sign that he is losing interest in the relationship. 

He is no longer interested in things that matter to you; he avoids such conversation. He’s no longer someone you can run to when you are down. 

10. He Doesn’t Plan You in His Future.

It is disappointing when someone you have plans with doesn’t picture you in their future. He doesn’t include you in his long-term plans in any decision he makes.

He only talks about the present and avoids talking about the future. 

If you bring a suggestion that has to do with planning for the future, he doesn’t approve of them. Let’s assume you bring up the idea of saving together with a scheme to buy a house together; he won’t agree to such since he knows the relationship won’t make it. 

Someone planning an exit would ensure all plans are those that can be executed in days and at most a couple of weeks. If it takes months, they are not interested.

Losing interest in the relationship

My Boyfriend is Losing Interest in Me. What Should I do?

The first thing to figure out is why he is losing interest in you, then work on it. Let’s assume he’s losing interest in you because the relationship is boring, then spice up the relationship! However, if you notice he has lost total interest and made the decision, don’t try to force it. Not all relationships can be saved; some are beyond repair

Final Words

Studies have shown that there are sevaral reasons people can lose interest in a relationship. If a man is losing interest in the relationship, you can still save the relationship if you notice early. Have an honest discussion with him and discuss the issue. 

If both of you can figure out what caused the loss of interest, you can work it out together. The earlier you discover he’s losing interest, the better it is to save the relationship. If he’s losing interest but still wants the relationship, it can be fixed.  

However, if he has lost interest totally or it’s evident that he has made the no turning back decision, don’t try to make it work because it won’t. Accept your loss and move on. It’s not easy to make someone who lost interest in something get interested again. 

If you see that the intimacy is no longer there, your partner’s mind is completely out of the relationship, let them go. Have you ever lost interest in a relationship? What was your reason for losing interest? Let’s hear them out in the comments section. If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share.

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