Losing My Virginity Was Not As Enjoyable As I Imagined: First Sex Experience

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is loosing your virginity enjoyable

The night I got laid for the first time was one of the most mortifying experiences of my life, contrary to popular opinion, losing my virginity was not even close to enjoyable as I always thought.

I believe it is supposed to be a mix of pleasurable pain but in my case, it felt like an oversized person trying to gain entry through a shallow door. both the door and the oversized person were stressed.

Here is how it went

it was a normal night, that I didn’t prepare for, I guess no one prepares to lose her virginity, actually, I had imagined in my head how it was going to be, although I imagined bloodstains, then fun, likened to that feeling of eating cold ice cream on a hot sunny day, the pleasure and calmness.

I have heard a lot of tales about how pleasurable sex is, the orgasm, the bond, and all the emotions it brings from my friends who were sexually active so it is about time I swiped that V Card and have my own virginity tale.

After talking all evening, I suddenly found myself lost in my own thought on the bed of a stranger I just met for the first time at my friend’s 19th birthday party. I thought to myself what if he rapes me, I am too afraid to sleep, let alone pull off my bra. I have been wearing the bra since morning and I hate going to bed with my bra on, I always like to be comfortable before I can get a sound sleep.

Kelvin and I have been talking for 2 weeks via social media, my roommates introduced me to him and shared my contact. He was her boyfriend’s best friend and is in search of a girlfriend when my roommate Martha suggested I would be a great buddy for him.

We got talking and exchanged pictures during my second-year break. Kelvin is a mix of naughty and playful since I usually shy away from men I took likening to him because he really made me comfortable when I discussed personal things with him.

 We spoke on any and everything, but I observed he loves more of the sex talk more than any other topic, it was easier for him to tell me how he had his first sexual experience and how he thought girls are usually the ones with the higher sex drive who would seduce a man to always want sex even if he is not in the mood.

I argued with kelvin from my own point of view, I was a 20-year virgin old girl who has never been in a close space with a man before.

My religion doesn’t permit me to engage in sex before marriage and I have held on to that belief to keep myself for my husband until my wedding night. Kelvin never faulted my belief, in fact, we always teased that he would help me in upholding my belief till I get married.

Our friendship grew, we had countless videos calls, texts, and voice calls.

He was really a sweetheart, very loving and caring. On the day we met, we were together throughout the party, talking and chatting.

A Mere OneNight Stand

He offered to take me home but I insisted I would like to see where he lives since it wasn’t a far distance to my house. On getting to his house we ate and played games kelvin and I just have a good bond that every time I spend talking to him just always feel good, he suggested it was time for me to leave but I retorted, I said I still have time and wanted to stay a bit longer with him.

By the time I wanted to leave it began raining heavily, it rained late into the night and there was no way I could make it back home that night. So he suggested I stay the night at his house and he would take me home the next day.

He offered me his bed while he sleeps on the floor, but it was after this whole incident that it dawned on me that Kelvin is actually a stranger. I don’t know anything personal about him than he is a 31-year-old music producer who shares a recording studio down the road close to the nearby eatery I order my favorite coffee and sausage rolls.

My parents haven’t even met him yet. I became scared and worried. We have heard stories of girls being raped and kidnapped. I thought what if he is one of them and I didn’t know. I wrestled with my thoughts all through the night while he played on the rug in front of me.

At exactly 3 am I was still turning and rolling over from side to side with no sign of sleep. I was restless then he gently called out my name and asked why I wasn’t sleeping, with no response in my mind to give him I said nothing, so he asked if he should come to share the bed with me maybe I would feel better and I would be able to sleep.

By the time he was next to me, I already felt a big bulge popping out of his shorts and I knew it was a growing erection, this was my first physical contact with an adult male reproductive organ. instead of me feeling horny or aroused I felt scared, I didn’t know if I was prepared for sex.

is loosing your virginity enjoyable

kelvin wasted no time in grabbing me close and kissing me with his eyes closed, I was really confused about what to do at that point, was I to kiss him back and act like I was in love with him or just tell him no and I am not interested. No, I wasn’t going to make a case out of this situation even though I am not prepared to lose my virginity but at the same time, I also wanted to know what sex is like even if it was just this one time so I can judge the hype about it.

He whispered in my ears “let’s make love” I tot to hesitate but my inner mind was like you have nothing to lose, no one is going to know so give it a try.

Losing My Virginity was not enjoyable

Gaining entrance into the virgina was a hell of trouble, it felt like a heavy kitted army of soldiers were at the entrance repelling kelvin from gaining entry, the more he tried the more pain I felt, losing my virginity was a tough of war.

After about 30 mins of attempting and me screaming in pain the soldiers finally relaxed and allowed a little space for him to pass through, in all I didn’t feel any excitement or pleasure rather I was embarrassed by the bloodstains on the bedsheet, at that point I only just wanted o sleep nothing more, I had fulfilled my imagination but it wasn’t what I imagined.

I guess I was too old to be losing my virginity, but it turned out my experience was not a result of age, there would always be a hymen covering the vagina that prevents penetration and except that hymen had previously been broken prior to one first sex, losing your virginity would most likely not be enjoyable.

However subsequent sexual activity was seamless and much more enjoyable.

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