Love and Healthy Relationship

by Nelson

Love and healthy relationship are a concept that cannot be overemphasized as it is what thrives in our world; there has always been a need for us to experience love and healthy relationships in every aspect of our lives if we want to know and explore the real purpose of human existence. Fundamentally, love is what absolutely rules and binds us together despite our race, religion, culture, ethnicity, and class, as we cannot do without water as we do without love. The concept of love is quite complicated to explain, define, experience, and teach. Communication is important, but it is most communicated non-verbally with misinterpreted feelings and intentions.

It is most basic to know the rudiments to build love and healthy relationships with oneself(intra-personal), friends, and families before one can successfully manage a love relationship. Before going to the rudiment of healthy relationships, I’d like us to know what intra-personal relationship means;

 It is getting to know oneself genuinely, total self-awareness i.e capacity to manage one’s emotion and anger, ability to relate to and maintain mutual relationships, at school, work, and community (social skills), and capacity for cognitive skill and learning. All these are necessary for one to discover in building a healthy and loving relationship either love or general/social status

 Here are 4 tips for building a love and healthy  relationship

1. Good communication

 Partners must communicate to understand and achieve one common goal. Lack of communication is very detrimental and brutal to any form of relationship.

2. Honesty

 Many people have failed to understand that being honest with their feelings gives an honest room for them to be honest with the other party. Honesty is the sole principle and determinate for lasting relationships.

3. Perspective

 You’ll be wondering how this comes in… over time, I’ve learned that when you tend to always see ideas from other people’s point of view, you’re technically giving room to people to open up ideas to you and sometimes talk about their matters to you. Sometimes letting go of your pinion and see through theirs.

4. Empathy

 This overrides all others. The lack of empathy has destroyed families, friendships, government, and its masses’ relationships. Empathy is the ability to feel what others feel. Empathy has always been the key to healthy relationships. It is a core factor we must learn and train ourselves to feel.

Now that you know the tips for building healthy relationships, it will also be important to know the 

Benefits of building love and healthy relationship

1. Good communication skill

 Before being part of the tips to building healthy relationships, it helps one to build good communication skills and interaction between oneself and others at any given place and time. At this point, one can also learn to communicate his/her feelings appropriately without hurting the other.

2. Healthwise

 Research shows that good relationships help people live longer, and have healthier habits. Also, those healthy relationships improve lifespan. Humans are social beings, and the quality of our relationships affects our mental, physical and emotional health 

3. Independence

 In a good healthy relationship, there is room for self independency. No one’s liability to the other. While both parties depend on each other for mutual benefit, they should still be independent of one another. It should not be one-sided, because it is, then, such a relationship is becoming unhealthy for the other party.

4. Sharing

There is a saying “you eat alone, you die alone” funny, isn’t it? Well, you cannot die if you eat alone. The clause came up as a result of people learning how to share their things with others because there is love in sharing. It is a sign of love. That is what healthy relationships are for.

“To love is to risk not being loved in return” on the account of this statement, many people have experienced heartbreak, got hurt, and were let down. In avoidance of this, people don’t want to get too involved or experience love at some point, but being infatuated and getting it over with is the easiest way to experience love on the contrary. 

Love and Healthy Relationship

If you think some people are just naturally more loving than others, think again. Love is a choice – one that cost! You can’t love somebody while you’re staring into a mirror, or give to somebody while you’re clinging to what you’ve got. Love will cost you your time, your money, and your preoccupation with yourself. To be loving, you’ve got to nail your world to the cross and make others your priority. It is all about selflessness and sacrifice.

Meanwhile, it is based on love and healthy relationship can love relationship be built. How does one who cannot endure and manage a friendly relationship with his/her peer go into a lovely one? In love and healthy relationship, you’ve got to learn to be selfless, empathetic and manage one’s emotions, because a love relationship comes with emotional distress and turbulence

Here are 5 tips on how to build a Love and Healthy Relationship

1. Have a listening ear

  It is quite important to learn to listen to one’s partner at any moment of distress. Instead of doing the talking, they find it more consoling and satisfying when one listens to them. They’ll feel the need to open up to you about every detail of the matter. Everyone just needs someone to listen to them, there is a kind of sensation it gives 

2. Be considerate 

Inconsiderate acts have made so many partners in relationships feel worthless. If you care and love your partner you will always consider their opinions and actions before making any decision with the courage to make your own choice. Inconsideration gives a sense of deprivation.

3. Express the love

 Expression is a major factor in love relationships. The two parties have got to learn to be verbally and emotionally expressive. It helps the two parties to know each other better and helps to resolve conflict quickly without any further ado.

4. Conflict and argument

 Sometimes when there is conflict or argument between two parties is to help them figure out the main cause of the constant arguments causing hard/ill feelings between them to finally agree.

4. Avoid the third party

 It is not emotionally healthy to discuss all the time with the third party the issues the two parties are going through. The point, where the third part begins to give advice could give room for a separate and divided mindset between the two parties, which is most likely left unresolved. The two parties should learn to handle and settle the discrepancies between them. It gives more clarity on the matter.

5. Attention and care

 Any relationship, where care and attention are absent is doomed to end early as it started. It has been observed years back, that any child/children who lack parental care and attention are likely to be the ones ending up being aggressive, less empathetic, less apologetic, and wayward. It is mandatory to show care and attention in any relationship because it is it that maintains and sustains a healthy love relationship.

Love and Healthy Relationship

Building love and healthy relationship have been a core factor in reducing sexual harassment, violent acts, and environmental havoc. Love and healthy relationship give more room for promoting interpersonal relationships, moral decadence, and societal improvement and growth. 

Here are 7 keys to how you can have a love and healthy relationship 

1. Mutual perspectives

 In a love relationship where both partners have similar relative ideas toward a particular goal are subjected to enjoy lasting and mutual affection. When there is constant positive chatting and sharing of ideas between both parties, it shows they have good mutual perspectives 

2. Cheerfulness

 There is a saying that “love and smile are contagious so also is hatred”. To enjoy a healthy love relationship one needs to know how to be cheerful with his/her partner always. Even though one can’t always be in a cheerful mood, it is important to know that it is a default mechanism that attracts a soft spot in your partner.

3. Sometimes go back to teenage love life

Remember used to do back in your teenage days, you’d do anything for your boy/girlfriend, the intense feeling of wanting to see each other every day, the need to please your boy/girlfriend; the deep affection and desire to touch and feel each other. There is this satisfaction is getting after sharing that touch, feeling, and thought towards one another. Sometimes, we should go back to those tender feelings to renew our passions for a healthy love relationship.

4. Get creative with the times spent with each other

 Every single moment spent with your partner counts and is relevant to your relationship health. Every little quality time spent with each other should be able to create a lingering memory. You could go to the matinee theatre to see movies, stroll down the neighborhood and talk about things that happened while growing up, the common family drama, middle school experience, and all, having conversations like this gives a sense of real intimacy.

5. Change your normal day questions

 Questions like “how were your day”? “Have you eaten”? “Hope you slept well”? can turn to cliche at some point. On rare occasions partners sext and have a flirty conversation, this triggers intense emotional tone/feeling or mood.

 6. Discuss about what you want

The assumption has been a factor responsible for miscommunication in a love healthy relationship. Too many people assume their partners know what they want especially females, not all men are sensitive to their partner’s needs. If you don’t tell your partner you prefer jewelry to clothes, but he keeps buying you new outfits, very soon you’re gonna stop to appreciate his effort. It is safer to tell him what you want/prefer politely and appropriately.

7. Be romantic to your partner

The research found that the female gender finds romantic guys attractive. You don’t have to be a boyfriend, if you’re romantic, she’s going to treat you special. The research found that romantic gestures trigger their emotional brain(amygdala). The females are even more romantic than the males, they just have to ignite the feeling in them.

Love and Healthy Relationship

Final words

With these key ideas on love and healthy relationship, put them into realization with your partner and see the positive outcome of what you have just read. In rare cases, a long-distance relationship works out between couples. If you are experiencing a healthy love relationship, Mildstrings would love to learn from you. Share with us in the comment section, if you find this article helpful. Pls don’t hesitate to share.

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