Our Care Options

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A Stronger Workforce Starts With Comprehensive Mental Health Care

With Mildstrings, your employees can quickly access a full spectrum of mental health care offerings, from self-care to support in life’s most difficult situations.


Family Care

Care for the whole family

When a loved one is suffering, it can impact a whole family’s well-being. With Mildstrings, every member—including kids age 2+, teens, adults, couples, and families—gets care tailored to their specific needs so they can get better, faster.

Preventive Care

Preventive Care for every member

Mildstrings Mindfullness

We provide a rich library of research-based self-care resources for members worldwide, with skill-building videos, meditations, and activities to support ongoing mental well-being.

Mindfulness Guided Self-Care

Our members can work with a dedicated coach to craft a custom, digital care plan, work on it at their own pace, and message their coach anytime.

Mildstrings Mental Health care

Members can access short-term, evidence-based support with a consistent, certified professional via video, audio or live messaging sessions coupled with between-session activities.

Moderate Needs

Personalized care for a wide range of mental health conditions

Mental Health Therapy

With high-quality treatment from providers in multiple specialty areas, employees with issues such as depression and anxiety can get the care, they need to feel better.

Mildstrings Blended Care Therapy

Our , clinically proven approach combines video therapy sessions with personalized, between-session provider support and digital activities to help people make faster progress in improving their mental health.

Mildstrings Medication Management

Mildstrings psychiatrists prescribe evidence-based medications, track symptoms and side effects, and offer one-on-one messaging with members.

Complex Needs

Specialized care for complex mental health needs

Therapy, medication, and collaborative care

Whether your employees need therapy, medication, or a combination of both, they’ll have access to a coordinated team of providers who specialize in treating complex needs.

When your employees get better, your company does too.


Global Support

Care for your global workforce

Providing a consistent member experience globally—along with high-quality, culturally responsive care—is key to building a healthy and resilient workforce.


Fast and Effective Care Matched to You


Care for your emotional and mental health how, when, and where you need it

Connect with high-quality coaches, therapists and self-care on the app in just a few clicks. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or dealing with something heavier, Mildstrings can help.

A radically simpler way to get care for you and your family

Convenient Care

Appointments are available quickly via online booking or so it’s easy to get started.

Intelligently matched

Connect with licensed professionals matched to your specific situation and concerns.

Backed by research

Only 20% of therapies are proven to work. Our care options only use these evidence-based methods.

Why evidence-based care?

Many therapy methods have been studied and used for decades, yet there is little or no research supporting their effectiveness.

Mildstrings only recruits’ providers who practice evidence-based methods, so you can trust you’re getting effective care that will help you feel your best and reach your full potential.