My husband cheated on me what do I do?

by Onyinye Ogbuka

My husband cheated on me what do I do?

I knew that our marriage had hit the rocks the day I found out my husband was cheating on me. I didn’t know therapy could mend a marriage that hit the rocks.

I was cooking in the kitchen when he opted to help me out in the kitchen. I was quite happy to have him around. He was helping me dice the carrot when he felt the need to take a dump in the loo so he excused himself. 

A few minutes after, his phone began to ring, it was an unknown number and so I picked it up. The voice at the other end of the phone was that of a girl, she was ranting about how my husband was not picking up her calls simply because she told him she was pregnant. I was shocked. I tried to correct it and tell her it was not true maybe it was a wrong number or something. She paused for a while and mentioned that she knows me and I should tell my darling husband to bear responsibility for her pregnancy. She hung up on me.

I was still shocked when he came into the kitchen and he saw his phone in my hands. I was crying already, I asked him if he was cheating on me and his silence was enough for me to know that he was guilty. My world shattered at his silent consent.

He snatched the phone from me and stomped out. I crumbled in tears and let out a long wail. After some hours, he came back apologizing and all I wanted to do was to smash his face into the wall.

My husband cheated on me what do I do?

I was betrayed, I didn’t want him to be around me in any way because I hated the very sight of him. I moved out of the room into our guest room. I was angry and hurt. For some days I was numb. I moved around like a zombie. My husband kept begging like there was no tomorrow. He cried and grovelled but I did not have an answer for him.

I did not want to leave my marriage, so I decided that I would forgive him. I moved back into our bedroom but I did not trust him anymore. Each time he went out and stayed out late, I would end up accusing him of chasing girls around and cheating on me. We ended up quarrelling most times in which he would end up having to beg even if he was innocent of what I was accusing him of.

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At some point, it felt like I was going out of my mind.  I had to talk to my sister, and I changed my mind about staying in the marriage, I wanted to divorce him but I was hesitant. My sister asked me to see a therapist and she told me about Mildstrings. I booked a marriage therapist at mildstrings and our first meeting made me feel like there was hope for my marriage. I extended the invitation to my husband who had aged so much due to all that had been going on in our marriage. He eagerly took the invitation to see the therapist with me.

During our numerous meetings with the therapist. My husband owned up to his mistakes. He was sorry and I could see it in his eyes. He admitted that he was careless and allowed a woman to get too close to him who ended up luring him and intentionally got pregnant for him.

My husband cheated on me what do I do?

We worked on my feelings. We talked about the things that had been wrong in our marriage and we started working on how to restore trust in our marriage.

It was not easy because we had to bring accountability into our marriage. The hurt in my heart at his betrayal was gradually fading. Based on the recommendation of our therapist, he became more open. We talked more and did things together more. Express our hurts more quickly, apologize and move on. We also took vacations together.

Therapy helped us to strengthen the lines of our communication. I trust my husband fully now. I am glad that I got therapy. It restored my marriage.

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