My wife left me because I cheated; she never came back.

by Onyinye Ogbuka
My wife left me because I cheated/mildstrings/Facebook

It’s been seven years now, divorced and alone. I am yet to find a woman like her. Someone that completes me the way she does. I miss her, I miss her terribly. I am sad my wife left me because I cheated.

My wife left me because I cheated… Memory lane

I am sitting at my mini bar reminiscing. I play with the glass and the whiskey inside of it whirls. I feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I am fucking lonely and it’s grating on my nerves. By now, I should have had one or two kids running around calling me daddy. I cast a look around my sitting room, the loneliness and bareness are resounding. It’s just a house, it was once a home but now, it lacks life. 

I easily remember how she would fling her bag once she came back from work. How she would exclaim with, “I am tired mehn”, but she would give me a slight smile on sighting me. On the days that she was in the mood she would give me a smirk that usually had blood running to my cock and say, “I am tired mehn but not too tired to eat you up”. She would advance to where I was seated in the living room and give me a little striptease before she would straddle me and draw me into a deep kiss. What can a man do but succumb to the wiling arms of his wife? And right there, we would have sex in the living room. 

I smile into my glass, it’s all in the past. I fucked up, I take a walk down memory lane.

My wife left me because I cheated…Untimely

I was a finalist when I met her. My faculty had organized a finalist dinner party in honour of the outgoing finalists. I was bored at my home so I decided to dress up and thus, I arrived at the scene two hours earlier than everyone. I don’t know why the hell I was cranky that day but I tried my best to look good. I sighted her when I came into the hall but I paid her no mind. I took a seat at the round table and mindlessly played with my phone for a while before she walked up to me. 

She introduced herself and re-directed me to sit at a designated place. After I had taken my seat, she politely asked if I would like anything and I requested she gave me whatever was available. I felt a certain kind of calm upon seeing her and pleaded that she sits with me. I was restless but her presence brought a calm I liked. We got talking and an hour into our conversation, I wondered where the hell she had been while I was in school. Why the hell I have to meet her when I had just completed university. She is witty and has a sharp mouth. She has a nice little mouth I struggled to keep my eyes off while we were conversing. Her eyes were beady but they sparkled with thoughtfulness.

My wife left me because I cheated… A journey and a romance

When the party was about to start, she excused herself to attend to other duties. In an hour, the party was in full swing. My eyes kept darting around the hall but I could not spot her, I wondered where the hell she had gone to. I had gotten tired of the party and was itching to go home. I could not leave without talking to her again. Hell, I hadn’t even asked her name, I felt like giving myself a knock on the head for acting like a novice. I kept my eyes wandering till I spotted her at the end of the hall. I wasted no time in making my way towards her, when she saw me coming, her face lighted up. I was able to get her contact before I made my way home.

The next day, I called at first ray of the morning sunlight. We talked a while and decided to meet. We met and our short friendship progressed into a romantic relationship that lasted three years.

The aisle of forever

She was in her sophomore when we met, I was just one year ahead of her. I came to know how beautiful she was inside. Her fierceness and her strong will. No woman had ever had me wanting the way she did. She is smart and intelligent, the type that kept me on my toes. I loved her with every fibre of my being. The reckless expression of her love for me often left me dazed at how much of a lucky bastard I was.

Life had been a smooth ride for me. By twenty-one, I was already a graduate. My family was rich and I guess that assisted my speed in life and settling down. Immediately after graduating, I got a six-figure job with the help of my uncle. What most people were still struggling for in their thirties, I had already had in my early twenties. After working four years whilst dating her, who had already graduated and was working too. I proposed marriage and she accepted. When I told my family I was ready to settle down, they were pretty much against it; I was too young. However, I stood my ground. After a few futile attempts, they caved in.

Hiccups… Gallops…Potholes

I tied the knot with my wife a few days before our fourth dating anniversary. We quickly settled into married life and I counted myself luckier than any man alive. We decided to enjoy ourselves first and thus extended conception by three years.

My wife left me because I cheated/Pinterest pin/mildstrings

My marriage came crashing a few months before our third wedding anniversary. My wife travelled for a conference. I was at home when I got a message from my friend, he invited me out to the club. I dressed up and went to meet him at the club. We had a good time and it was time to head back home. On my way out of the club, I stumbled on an old friend, it was pleasant seeing her again.

My wife left me because I cheated… Sins of David

My friend left me and went home, we got talking and time flew by so fast. I offered to drop her off, we were so engrossed with catching up that we did not know when I passed by her residence and it was too late to turn back. She requested to sleep at my house and I obliged her. We went to my house together and continued our conversation in the living room.

Soon, we had run out of things to say, I noticed she was eating me up with her eyes and somehow, I felt turned on. She left her seat to sit straddle me. My brain went into overdrive. I would have pushed her off but I didn’t want to. Once, I whispered to myself, just once before I took her there in the sitting room. We had sex all night and the next morning I dropped her off. Immediately after she got off, I was attacked by guilt and I cursed her in my heart. I wondered if she noticed the band on my finger and still had sex with me. I spent the whole day moody and angry.

My wife came back from the conference the next day and noticed my countenance. I tried forgetting what I had done to her but I could not. Each time she was around me, she reminded me of what I had done. There she was playing good wife while her husband had gone to cheat on her. It haunted me every single second of the day. I knew I had to let it out and so I did, I told her. 

My wife left me because I cheated… The aisle of goodbye

She was shocked and she cried and walked around numb for a week. We both tried to talk about it, to move past it but it was not like before, a broken egg can never be the same. Trust had been broken. 

My wife left me because I cheated/mildstrings
My wife left me because I cheated

A few days after our anniversary, I came back home to find out she had moved out. I broke down and cried. I could not beg her to come back not after I had broken her trust. I threw myself into work to deal with the pain. The loneliness was overwhelming. It was as though she had never left because I could hear her laughter, and the patter of her feet when she was throwing her adorable tantrums. I could smell the scent of her body gel, the perfume that had me going crazy whenever I nuzzled her.

It’s been seven years now, divorced and alone. I am yet to find a woman like her. Someone that completes me the way she does. I miss her, I miss her terribly. My family asked why we divorced and I made them understand what I did wrong, they all cussed me out for what I did, and they tried to get her to come back but she was adamant about not coming back.  I had only one good thing and I destroyed it.


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