Natural Aphrodisiac for men and women that can be found in the kitchen

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natural aphrodisiac for men and women

Aphrodisiacs are natural herbs, and spices that help with your sex organs, they are of various types, and uses and can be used either by both men and women or only men or only women.  Most Aphrodisiac can be found in your kitchen

Africa is a continent that has relied on various, herbs, roots, and species, to solve their health issues for a very long time. Even with the advent of modern medicine. Orthodox ways of taking care of the body, health, and well-being are still very much in use and widely accepted. 

Natural Aphrodisiacs commonly known as “Kayanmata” in the Northern part of Nigeria has being used to enhance, maintain, and restore one’s sexual life, sexual energy, sexual performance, and so on.  In Africa, Natural Aphrodisiacs are also used for body enhancement.

Natural African herbs for Body Enhancement

Why do you think most African women have well-rounded and hourglass figures, that is because without having to go for surgical operations there are Natural Aphrodisiacs herbs they use to enhance their body shape which includes hips, buttocks, and breasts even men use these herbs to have a stronger and bigger sexual organ.

Just like every other part of our health and body that needs maintenance, so also does our sexual part or sexual health need to be taken care of. 

It is believed that sexual performance and sexual energy reduce gradually as we age.

It is even more worrisome for middle-aged women as they approach menopause, with the accompanying side effect of menopause which includes loss of stamina, and low appetite for sex. Also compared to a man, most women actually have a high libido on certain days of their menstrual cycle. 

While a lady’s libido might only be heightened on the day of her ovulation due to the body’s metabolism of wanting a healthy sperm to fertilize her egg.

Every other day having sex could be just to please her man or fulfill her marital duties to her husband.

The sexual area of our health is the least talked about. With so much attention given to our face, body, skin, heart, physic, eyes, etc. we don’t openly discuss things like low libido, infection, contraception, and so on or Natural Aphrodisiacs that can supplement our health in those areas. 

Our way of life, work, stress, the side effect of drugs, and lifestyle could have an effect on our sexual health.

Some habits we engage in can indirectly have a bad effect on our sexual performance. Even though men do not experience menopause or varying libido at different times of the month, there are certain days that they can’t just get it to work as it should.

That is why this book is going to discuss natural aphrodisiac herbs that can be found in the kitchen, in markets, online, and on shelves that can help improve sexual health, performance, and body appearance. 

Sex can be a major issue in a marriage. Women will do anything to keep a man who can satisfy them sexually likewise a man 

This natural aphrodisiac herb can be found in the market, majorly African market, and it can be found also in the online market. For those outside Africa, it can also be found on online markets places like Amazon. 

Coconut and dates: 


Always take a combination of this mixture regularly, you can keep it handy in your refrigerator or blend it into a juice.

Coconut and dates have been found to have lots of health and sexual health benefits. It increases blood flow into the genitals and aids fertility in both men and women. This mixture can be mixed or blended with Tiger nuts. This mixture contains vital nutrients like minerals, fiber, vitamins, etc. 

Dates are so nutritional that during the Muslim Ramadan it is recommended to be taken as the first thing before eating other meals before breaking your fasting. It has great amazing health benefits for skin, eyes, general health, and even sexual health.

Dates contain very rich antioxidants and it is known to ease labor for pregnant women during delivery. All women should definitely include dates into their diets for the sake of their sexual health. Coconut and dates can both be taken by men and women.


This is so underrated and easily accessible natural Aphrodisiac herb that is found everywhere around the world. It is sometimes called the natural Viagra. Watermelon is a natural source of amino acids that gives better, stronger, and lasting erection.

It increases wetness for women.

Ladies should take watermelon together with milk.

Watermelon should be a great companion if you experience erectile dysfunction


Goron Tula has an English name called snot apple and can likewise be alluded to deductively as Thespesia garckeana. The enchanted organic product known as Goron Tula is alluded to as African biting gum due to its tacky nature.

gorontula silky kola

Nonetheless, discoveries have uncovered that organic products contain restorative qualities which aid increment in fruitfulness rates in females, and lift men’s sexual moxie, 

Requests for Goron Tula turned out to be exceptionally high. Indeed, even outsiders have been crowing Tula town to purchase this organic product.

Azanza Garckeana, prevalently known as Goron Tula, is a natural product that is an ordinary delicacy for individuals of Tula, in Gombe state Northern Nigeria. It has a lot of medical advantages and it is shown to be vital in the medication world over a couple of years.

Here is a portion of the Advantages:

Gorontula assists with supporting sexual Energy:

Individuals encountering brought very low sex drive, because of stress or other ailments can attempt this incredible fruit. The natural product can offer this advantage because it contains active flavonoids which are cell reinforcements.  

They lower irritation that could influence sexual wellbeing. 

To involve Goron Tula for sexual wellbeing support, you really want to guarantee that products have syrup-like juice in them.

That juice works for you. All you do is bite around 3 natural products (seeds eliminated) before sex. 

It requires an hour for your organs to ingest the supplement so they could get to work. This fruit produces cervical bodily fluid. 

This makes sex a less difficult encounter.

Increments in fruitfulness and Fertility

The organic product contains antibacterial, hostile to contagious, hyperglycemic, antimalarial, cancer prevention agent, and iron ingestion properties, going with it a phenomenal decision for anybody attempting to consider. 

 As well as making the conception process considerably more pleasant, it likewise deactivates any free extremists in the body that might influence the sperm cells and the egg.

 Gorontula disposes of bad vaginal scent the natural product is likewise a vaginal cleaner. It assists in getting freeing of diseases and any smell that might be coming from the area. 

Since the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, outer cleaning items might demonstrate impending and uncomfortable effects over the long haul. Hence, the mystical natural product is an incredible method for supporting the well-being of your organ from within. The cell reinforcements in the natural product require just hours or a day to clean the vagina region.

 Where to buy Gorontula

Gorontula is readily available in northern Nigeria, especially in areas like Gombe and Adamawa. Gorontula can be bought there, and there are vendors who sell Gorontula online on platforms like Jumia and Jiji. Gorontula is also sold on Amazon. 

Gorontula can also be processed into syrup which is easier to take and also a dry powder. 

Gorontula is also grown in other countries in Africa and can be found in Ghana it is called moronjwa in Southern Africa of Botswana. 

Gorontula is not grown in western or eastern Nigeria and Gorontula does not have a Yoruba or Igbo Name because it is not grown or readily available there. 

To eat the Gorontula Fruits is very tricky. The first time I tried eating a Gorontula fruit I was so confused. The fruit is hard and I didn’t know the Gorontula seeds are bitter and shouldn’t be eaten. 

To eat Gorontula fruit you should wash it properly, and then soak it in water for about 10mins to make the outer skin softer so you can easily split it apart and squeeze the fruit. Suck and squeeze the gel-like fluid in it then throw away the hard shaft. The hard outer shaft can be likened to a palm fruit and it is not to be swallowed. 

You can read online about how to make Gorontula syrup at home. 

Gorontula can be taken by both men and women and even pregnant women.

Sugar Lump or cane sugar. 

Basically, it is made out of sugar cane. It can also be taken raw by drinking sugar cane juice. The sugar lump is mostly only recommended for women and it is a sex sweetener, it makes sex really sweet for women and it has the potential of increasing female orgasm for women who do not experience orgasm.

Men are usually not prescribed to take the sugar lump because of their intolerance to sugar which could in turn have a negative effect on their sexual performance.

Sugar lump can be taken by just sucking on a few sugars lumps candy about 6 candies daily or a few hours before sexual intercourse.

Sugar lump side effects may include pile for those who are sugar intolerant or also not recommended for women who are diabetic. Observe your body’s reaction to the sugar lump before deciding if you are intolerant or not. 


Cinnamon is a natural Aphrodisiac herb just like Ginger it aids blood flow. Cinnamon is known to treat erectile dysfunction and heal infertility. Cinnamon is gotten from the bark of cinnamon trees and it is readily available in every part of the world just ask your spice vendor at the market. 

Cinnamon has a very nice and soothing aroma it can be added to tea or even coffee.

Some women have observed that taking cinnamon and milk helps them improve their libido and tighten their vaginas. 

All you need to do is add your cinnamon powder to a cup of warm milk and experience to tightening effect it would cause. Or you can take your cinnamon with Greek yogurt 

According to an Indian online survey, cinnamon has antifungal, antibacterial, and even antiviral properties – so the combination of cinnamon and milk can serve as a medicine for numerous diseases and also help you to relax and sleep better. But ask anyone who is conscious about their sex life and they’ll tell you this is one of the most famous libido boosters. Women claim it makes their vaginas tighter and they last longer in bed.


Ginger is said to help increase blood flow around the body and improve blood pressure. 

Although some people consider it as a cure for erectile dysfunction since it increases blood flow and may help with sexual arousal and libido 

Others also claim it raises testosterone levels and improves better sperm quality but I know for a fact that ginger helps with digestion, and weight loss, and helps burn belly fat. 


Maca roots are sold mostly as supplements under different brand names. Unfortunately, the Maca root is not grown in Africa it is an Asian root from Peru. 

There are claims that Maca increases libido and fertility for both men and women.

Maca is great for libido, energy, erectile dysfunction, erectile strength, and infertility in both males and females. Even for penis and boobs enlargement. You can purchase Maca here anywhere in Africa and can be purchased in E-commerce stores around the world. 


Tigernut is a natural aphrodisiac that is highly beneficial for women, it has been proven to help with breast enlargement when taken regularly, so if you are looking for a way to get bigger boobs naturally without taking pills, applying chemicals or ointments on your breast or going under the knife. Then you should consider tiger juice in your diet. 

Tigernut is also very great for fertility in men and women it helps to breastfeed women secrete more milk. 

Tiger nuts are grown only in Africa in countries such as Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal.

Tiger nuts can be blended with coconut and dates without adding sugar. This is a natural combination for high sex drive and low libido for both men and women. Taking Tiger nuts regularly would help improve estrogen levels and help maintain a balanced sex drive and energy.

 Taking Tigernut milk/ juice is so pleasant and sweet. It is so handy and can be bought in most juice shops; also you can buy the dried Tiger nut to make your juice at home. The fresh Tiger nuts can also be blended to make the juice. Tiger nuts can be bought on Amazon and other African shops around the world. It is commonly known as AYA and the drink is known as Kunu aya in Northern Nigeria.

As a man, if you want to replenish after a long round of sex. The juice is a good replenishment after a marathon of sex. It helps increase sperm count and sperm volume.

Tigernut cashew nut and dates


This is the most available natural aphrodisiac that is always sitting on your kitchen table. Especially fresh yogurt without addictive or preservatives, the popular Greek yogurt is a good example. Yogurt has antibacterial properties it boosts the immune system. 

Yogurts help to fight and prevent any form of yeast or bacterial infection. As a lady, if you don’t want to be constantly treating yeast candida, smelly discharge, big yellowish or whitish annoying discharge, and painful sex caused by infection. Then you have to include Yogurt in your diet. 

For Men Yogurt is the power horse or Red Bull for sex. The sperm volume in some men is so little you don’t even know when you release it because the sperm is so little, yogurt will help boost your sperm volume, appearance, taste, color, smell, etc. 

Yogurt will also help with erection, bigger and stronger erection. Yogurt is great for both men and women.

In the Northern Region of Africa, yogurt is mainly paired with millet known as Fura de nunu. It is a great combination of energy and vitality 


Honey has been a sexual stimulant for a very long time honey has been recommended to cure impotence when mixed with ginger.

“There’s an old French wives tale that a honeybee sting was like of shot of aphrodisiac”.  If you have wondered where the word honeymoon came from, it was recorded that during the medieval times of the fifth century, new couples were given a month’s supply of a fermented beverage made with honey and water as a gift. This will hopefully help the couple conceive during that cycle. Honey can be taken with milk, yogurt, cinnamon, etc. 

The good thing is honey is a natural sweetener so don’t be afraid of any disease like blood sugar

Honey contains natural sugar like fructose which would make you last longer in bed. It helps to treat yeast and bacterial infections and can be applied directly to the vagina. It also increases testosterone levels in males and estrogen levels in female 


Dark chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac, chocolate boost blood flows around the body and it would make you a lasting erection. Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac made from a cocoa plant found in Africa and some other parts of South America that gives a harder erection. It will help the body to release sex hormones like dopamine in both men and women 

Dark chocolate is the recommended aphrodisiac, not white chocolate. For women taking dark chocolate will heighten their desire for sex. 

There is even sexual chocolate for sex drive that is sold at pharmacy stores and on some e-commerce platforms. They are packed in names such as sex chocolate, vigor chocolate, wild sex chocolate, etc. it can be taken by men and women and it just makes you extra horny for sex

Be careful to check the ingredients the chocolate is made of. 

Bitter kola:

Bitter kola is scientifically known as Garcinia Kola, this is my most recommended natural Aphrodisiac herb for men. If you want to last long with a fuller and strong erection then do well to include bitter kola in your diet.

Bitter kola is the ultimate natural and immediate Viagra for men because you don’t have to keep taking it for a long time before seeing the result. It can be taken just a few hours before intercourse and you would notice the great result. it helps to boost sperm volume and quality; it boosts sperm count by promoting fertility in men.

The most annoying problem men face in the bedroom is a weak erection but this miracle kola will help increase blood flow and give a stronger erection and lasting erection.

Even other issues like infection, low libido, and premature ejaculation are taken care of with consistent use of bitter kola. You can take the bitter kola by blending it with milk or chewing it raw, it can also be soaked in water for a few hours and then drinking the water. Bitter kola is sold online on Amazon and other e-commerce sites

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