Romantic things To Do For Your Boyfriend in a Long Distance Relationship

by Ben Danor

Every relationship needs romance one way or the other. However, it is one of the things men crave for in a long-distance relationship. But people show affection in different ways. The mistake is that many girls think it is impossible to do romantic things with their boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. 

The truth is that long-distance relationships don’t restrict you from doing things you might have imagined. Of course, I agree that long-distance relationships would deny access to some things. 

However, it’s not as bad as you imagined. Many long-distance relationships don’t work because the couples involved feel distance won’t let them do many things, but it is not like that. 

You can do many romantic things for your long-distance partner as a lady. Some couples figured this out early and are not affected by the distance; they talk and communicate as though they live together. 

In this article, you will discover romantic things you can do to your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. If you do romantic things to your long-distance boyfriend, he will not only treat you well but might also take things further; like planning a marriage.

You are strengthening the relationship in many areas by doing romantic things for your long-distance boyfriend. Let’s go into what we have for you today without further ado. Here are some romantic things you can do for your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. 

Romantic things To Do For Your Boyfriend in a Long Distance Relationship

1. Surprise Him With a Visit

You must have seen compilation videos of ladies who paid their long-distance boyfriends a surprise visit. Did you see the looks on the faces of those guys? Surprising your boyfriend with a visit is one of the most romantic things you can do for your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. He will find it hard to believe and would cherish this act of kindness you just displayed. 

However, get your facts right before you plan a surprise visit. The first thing to do is ensure the visit falls on a day he’s off work and likely to be at home. This would make the surprise look more romantic, and you can go out to enjoy the rest of the day afterwards. 

After ensuring he’s off work or it’s a weekend, the next thing to ensure is that he does not have an idea that you are coming. Don’t let him even suspect, don’t do anything fishy or anything out of the ordinary. 

If this is not easy, you can team up with his friends there who will give you details. If you do this, you won’t have to ask about his movements on that day which may warrant suspicion; his friend will help you with that. Showing up unannounced would freak him out; it’s an experience he will never forget. 

2. Have Romantic Chats With Him

It is no news that communication is essential in making a long-distance relationship work or lead to marriage. While communicating with him, be very romantic. With your sweet words, let him feel your presence whenever he is and crave for it.

Don’t have a boring chat! Even people who are not in a long-distance relationship don’t like boring Chats; how much more those in a long-distance relationship? Talk dirty with him, and don’t stop even if he wants you to. 

Bring up discussions that will wet his briefs and make him miss your soft touch. You can do all these from a distance; mutual understanding is all that matters. Call him sweet names that will make him smile and send him pictures you know he would love to see. These are Romantic things you can do to your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. 

3. Write Him a Love Letter, Song or Poem

Another romantic thing to do for your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship is writing a love letter, song or a poem. You can write either of the three or go for a love letter. If you are sound at writing poems, pen down one in his honor. Are you a great songwriter, why not create a love song with much rhythm and lines for him. Send it to him and see how happy he will be. 

You don’t have to be the best writer or poet to carry this out; just be good enough. If you know you are not that talented in those things, write down your heart and look for someone sound to edit your writings. 

You can hire a writer to help out with this, write it down yourself and send it to him via postcards. You should reminisce about some great memories you’ve shared. 

4. Send Him Money

As weird as it sounds, sending your boyfriend money is a romantic thing to do in a long-distance relationship. I will tell you the reason I said so. Men are not used to being dashed money by women; if you dash him money, it will go a long way in the way he sees you. 

You might discover that you are the first lady ever to give him money. Send him money; it will mean a lot to him even if he has money. He shouldn’t be sending you money every time; you should at least reciprocate the good deed once. Send him money and see his Reactions. You can have gifts delivered to his doorstep. 

How To Surprise Your Boyfriend Online

Surprising your boyfriend online is difficult, but it’s also a romantic thing to do to your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. 

One good way to surprise your boyfriend online is by making a post to thank him and honor him for staying with you. Do it on a random day so it will catch him by surprise. Imagine your boyfriend getting a Facebook notification, rushing to check it only to see a post about himself on your profile. He will definitely be surprised! 

However, before you embark on this, ensure your boyfriend is okay with you posting him on social media. Let’s face it; some guys don’t like it when they are posted on media platforms; they don’t even have many pictures online. If you are dating a man of such nature, posting on your social media account to thank him could be an issue. He might find it unnecessary, which might result in an argument. 

Romantic things To Do For Your Boyfriend in a Long Distance Relationship

Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend During Your Long Distance Relationship Anniversary

You can do many romantic things for your boyfriend during your long-distance relationship anniversary. Let’s Take a Look at a few:

Go on a Virtual Date

Date nights go well with relationship anniversaries; you can have a virtual date night with your long-distance boyfriend. The idea might sound odd, but you will definitely enjoy the experience. Get a bottle of champagne and make a nice meal; he would do the same, wherever he is. 

Hop on a video call, set the camera well, eat together and pretend as if he’s Right at your front. While eating, have nice discussions, you can talk about how you met. You can even chip in and talk about the goal of the long-distance relationship. 

It’s one of the sacrifices one makes for a long-distance relationship. The irony is that you might enjoy this new experience. 

Play Games And Watch Movies Together

Long-distance couples can play games together; there are many couples apps out there that can make this possible. You can download applications like Happy couple and so on to play games with your boyfriend during your long-distance relationship anniversary. 

It will not only make you feel closer to him, but it also helps your intimacy. Some of these applications give you daily tasks to complete; take those tasks diligently to stay connected to your partner.

You can also stream a movie at the same time with your partner; some platforms make this possible. You can use Hulu watch parties, the rabbit app and so on. After the date, you can decide on a movie to watch and stream it together.


Some long-distance boyfriends are not usually eager to see their girlfriend or visit her because she doesn’t give them a reason to visit her. If this prolongs, he might start loosing interest in the relationship

If you are a romantic girlfriend who does romantic things to his boyfriend despite the distance, he would want to come over sometimes because he knows you will do more when you see him physically. 

Without romance in long-distance relationships, the relationship will be boring. Who wants to be in a boring long-distance relationship? Absolutely nobody! Being romantic is also a great way to spice up a boring long-distance relationship.

What’s the romantic thing you have ever done for your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship? What is the most romantic thing your girlfriend has ever done for you in a long-distance relationship? How did you celebrate your last long distance relationship anniversary? 

Let’s learn new romantic ideas from you. Have you ever sent your boyfriend money? What was his reaction the first time you did? Share with us in the comments section. If you find this article helpful, please don’t hesitate to share.  

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