Romantic ways to tell your husband you are pregnant.

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If you are in a marriage and kids are welcome, expecting a child is a thing of joy and that is another addition to the family, you may not be in the position to announce the arrival to your husband but you are in a position to announce the conception.

What great way to announce that you carrying a baby to your husband that is so different from the norm of baby I am pregnant or you just giving him your doctors report. Announce your pregnancy to your spouse in a memorable way.

Deliver your test result as a gift

gift parcel
Gift Box

Package your test strip and deliver it to him personally as a gift, allow him open up his gift in your presence without disclosing the content, he would be shocked seeing its a test strip wondering what its for, then you say “baby I am pregnant” this would be more romantic if its done in a public place just pull him away from the crowd to enjoy your moments together.

Go on Date

Go out together preferably dinner, dress well in a sexy outfit and  go on a date with your partner. after your meal or in between your meal share the good news, I can imagine him standing up with joy, he won’t be able to contain his excitement.  The other customers and servers would definitely know you are celebrating and would celebrate with you. If you trying to heal from a heartbreak and you want to find new love, this article will help 5 PROVEN WAYS TO GET OVER A HEARTBREAK

couple on a dinner date
Dinner date with your partner

Get a box of surprise

This is a very romantic and beautiful way of announcing that you are expecting a child. The big box should contain balloons, the balloons would go up when the box is opened, this should be accompanied with a text that says ” I am pregnant” as it goes up, this method is  quite dramatic as it resembles a public proposal, it can be done at the park or indoors.


Get baby item

Get a baby item it could be baby shoes, baby dress, baby toy, etc. delivered to him as a gift in your absence, probably when he is at work with a love message telling him how happy you are about being pregnant. You can get a unisex baby cloth, shoes, or toys just anything for babies that doesn’t identify the  gender, because at this point the baby’s gender is unknown. He would be ecstatic and would leave everything he’s doing to get to you to celebrate, do well to make yourself available all nice and sexy for the celebration.

Baby shoes

Decorate your house

Decorate your space before the arrival of your spouse keep the environment romantic with rose petals, dress in a lovely sexy lingerie, get wine, wine glasses, music, strawberries, chocolate etc. Make everywhere beautiful and romantic, this approach would be great if he is just returning from a trip after a while of not being together. When he arrives just keep him in suspense as your man would be wondering what the surprise is all about. You then announce the pregnancy this would be a lovely night for your both. Enjoy the love and warmth and congratulations on your new addition.

rose petals on bed

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