5 Signs That Your Boyfriend in Long Distance Relationship is Faithful

by Ben Danor

Have you tried to find signs that your boyfriend in a long distance relationship is faithful? Of course, nobody wishes to be cheated on; this has been one of the problems in many long-distance relationships.

Ladies tend to be more afraid of their boyfriends being unfaithful in a long-distance relationship because men have been proven to cheat more than ladies. Although that didn’t rule out that a good number of ladies cheat daily, paternity fraud cases should be an eye-opener. 

To stay in a romantic relationship is difficult but being in a long-distance relationship is more challenging. Not all men can cope with the distance especially when there is no romance; this is why some look for another girl they can have sex with. 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m in no way justifying men who cheat in long-distance relationships. Of course, it’s an immoral act; anyone who isn’t ready to stay faithful shouldn’t agree to a long-distance relationship. 

When entering a long-distance relationship, make trust a priority. You won’t need to doubt his faithfulness and loyalty if you trust your long-distance boyfriend well enough. 

However, I understand that some ladies have been through a lot in the hands of men and won’t trust them easily or have seen signs that call for suspicion. This is why we have researched signs that your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship is faithful. 

Signs That Your Boyfriend in Long Distance Relationship is Faithful

5 Signs That Your Boyfriend in Long Distance Relationship is Faithful

Do you doubt your Long distance boyfriend’s faithfulness? Let’s find out! Here are five signs that your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship is faithful:

1. He’s Honest And Has a Track Record of Being Faithful

You never understand what it means to have an honest long-distance relationship until you come across one. If he is sincere and you trust him, you shouldn’t doubt his faithfulness to the long-distance relationship. 

Not all guys are faithful in long-distance relationships; many of them feed their girlfriends with lies. If you have one who tells you everything about girls who ask him out, how he got tempted but resisted the urge etc., the chances are high that he is faithful. Honesty is a sign that your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship is faithful. 

Does he have a track record of being faithful? If your long-distance boyfriend has never cheated on any of his exes, you should be convinced that he is faithful. 

On the other hand, if your long-distance boyfriend has a track record of cheating, don’t be surprised when you catch him doing the same. Take it or leave it; the past influences the future. Someone who has a track record of stealing will likely steal in the future, same with an unfaithful man.

2. He Spends More Time With You

Spending enough time with one’s partner in a long-distance relationship is usually difficult. It gets more complicated when both parties live on opposite sides of the world. 

However, a loyal boyfriend in a long-distance relationship will give you time. He will set time out of his busy schedule to attend to you. You don’t complain about him not giving you time because he gives you more than enough time.

It could be a sign that he is faithful to you. If a man ignores you too much in a long-distance relationship, he has likely gotten someone who is taking his time and has lost interest in the relationship.

However, this works in many ways for different people. For some couples, the boyfriend doesn’t give the long-distance relationship time because he is busy with work, while it’s because he is dealing with other relationships. Don’t jump to a conclusion; investigate why he is very busy to have your time before you judge. 

A faithful long-distance boyfriend will make time for you because you are all he’s got, while an unfaithful one won’t because he’s got many.

3. He Attempts to Visit You.

If you are in a long-distance relationship and your boyfriend tries to visit you, he is loyal. He saves up for months just to spend some hours together with you; this should tell you that you mean a lot to him and you can decide to wait for him for marriage.

If a man is unfaithful, he won’t even want to see you. Come to think of it, why would he be eager to see you? He has a lady over there who meets his sexual needs and helps him out. Also, he might not even make any effort to meet you. He looks for an excuse if you propose meetings and doesn’t welcome the idea. 

A long-distance boyfriend who is not faithful won’t save up just to see your face and spend some hours with you. These little sacrifices should convince you that he is a faithful long-distance boyfriend. 

4. He’s Transparent, Tells You Everything You Need To Know

A faithful boyfriend will always update you about how things are going on wherever he is. He tells you about his co-workers, shares stories about his neighbors, and might even introduce you to them.

In no time, everyone who works with him and lives around him knows you and wants to meet you. These are clear signs that your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship is faithful. 

When he is about to stay overnight at a lady’s house, probably because of work, he doesn’t hide it from you. Only a man with other intentions will hide stuff like this away from you. 

A faithful long-distance boyfriend will tell you everything you deserve to know. Doing this alone should have earned him your trust. 

5. You Feel His Support Despite Being Miles Away From Each Other

It is possible to be supportive without being physically present, especially when it comes to emotional support. 

You feel his support even though he is far away from you. When you are down and need someone to talk to, he doesn’t fail to show up though he is not beside you! 

You feel his presence despite being miles away from each other; only a faithful boyfriend can give you experiences like this in a long-distance relationship. You feel his support to the extent that you forget that he is not around. 

When you are preparing for an exam or a job interview, he helps you out with the preparations and wishes you well. He might even go as far as checking up on you every time to know your progress; only a faithful boyfriend would do this in a long-distance relationship. 

Signs That Your Boyfriend in Long Distance Relationship is Faithful

Long-Distance Relationship Red Flags You Should Watch Out For

What are some long-distance relationship red flags you should watch out for? They can tell you when your relationship is no longer working. Here are a few to take note of.

1. No More Frequent Calls and Texts

When the long-distance relationship started, they would message you every minute, but they drifted away little by little. They don’t call as often as before and the few calls they make lately don’t even last; they give you an excuse after a few minutes. 

Your call is ignored when you call them, and they don’t even call back later. This Will affect your relationship because communication plays an indescribable role in long-distance relationships. It’s hard to see a long-distance relationship flourish without effective communication. 

They might be genuinely busy, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t find a little time to reply to your message or call back after missing your call earlier. 

2. Calls Get Boring

Calls are no longer interesting as they were when the relationship started. You could barely talk for minutes; most of the calls are now characterized by minutes of silence. 

You no longer feel eager to tell them how your day went; you are not even thrilled to speak with them. The intimacy, vibe, and flow are nowhere to be found in the relationship. If the long-distance relationship is left unattended, this could be the beginning of the end. 

3. You Enjoy Being Alone

Many a times, you no longer enjoy being in a long-distance relationship; you enjoy being alone. Since you’ve spent many months without them and they haven’t made an effort to visit, you start to enjoy loneliness and might not even want them anymore. If you are experiencing this, it’s probably time to stay alone and enjoy life as a single!

How Can I be Loyal in a Long Distance Relationship? 

If you set your mind to staying loyal in a long-distance relationship, you can achieve it. If you want to be loyal in a long-distance relationship, you must be ready to face temptations and overcome them. Always focus on the goal of the long-distance relationship; it helps some couples focus. 

Staying loyal in a long-distance relationship is not as hard as you think; you just need to have self-control and stay disciplined. You can also visit your partner occasionally to make things better. If your partner means a lot to you and you care about them, you should be able to remain loyal. 

What are some other signs a boyfriend in a long-distance relationship is faithful? How can one stay loyal in a long-distance relationship? What are other long-distance relationship red flags? No man is an island of knowledge; Please share with us your views in the comment section. If you find this article helpful, please share.

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