Some Hidden Things You Need To Know About Marriage

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Love does not guarantee a beautiful marriage, there are some hidden things you need to know about having a successful marriage. To get married is everyone’s dream, to have a loving family of your own and live happily ever after.

You have finally found the one, you believe you are in love, you are blown away by how much care and attention you are getting. You can’t stop drooling, thoughts fill your mind and you can’t wait to get married.

Love is great it is one of the most important conditions for marriage after a list of other factors like God-fearing, honesty, hardworking, Patience, Trust, and so on. Read Is It Good To Marry Out Of Pity: here is what I learned.

What is Marriage About

Marriage is very powerful and the thoughts of it alone can bring shivers to one spine. It sounds scary to some and to another, it is a big dream that they can’t wait to come true, but have you considered these factor that I am very sure you are overlooking, that has ever crossed your mind as well.

So many couples going through a divorce claim to love themselves. They still love one another, but love alone can never drive a marriage, you can love someone with all your heart but still, your marriage together will never be successful. The key to a relationship and to a successful marriage is not loving.

Just like we love items and things around us but it still fails us despite the love we have for it, No matter how much you love your vehicle if you don’t fuel it, maintain it, it won’t work properly because there are things that would make it work asides the love we have for it.

things to know about marriage

Communication a key thing to know about Marriage

Communication is very important in Marriage, it is very important to communicate with your partner, you need to learn to communicate with your partner effectively and this communication with your partner must include understanding.

You must understand what you communicate to each other which means comprehending what your spouse is saying she wants, or what your man says he wants. You need to comprehend your partners’ needs and desires, which is very important.

If your partner is angry and you buy her a dress, that doesn’t mean she is fine and no longer angry. You need to be able to comprehend her need and give her just the exact request to fix her anger otherwise she would still be angry which would build up to another thing

Respect and Affection would make a Marriage Work

To have a successful and beautiful marriage, Respect is to the man while Affection is to the woman. A woman needs to learn that a man who is well respected in his home would be the dream man she wants him to be.

While a woman naturally wants affection, that is her meaning of love, to have a fruitful and successful marriage, this is a secret about a successful Marriage you probably wouldn’t know until you get married.  

Tolerance a key factor to check

Have you put your fiancé or fiancée to a tolerance test to be sure he or she is a good fit for you.

If you have ever lived with a roommate before whom everyone outside your home loves and admires, but you wonder what they see and admire because you live with the roommate and you know how irritating he or she is. You are so fed up that you can’t wait to get your own spot and move out.

intolerance in marriage can lead to domestic violence, things about marriage you don't know
Fighting couple

That is how it will be when you get married to someone based on want you see on the outside without getting to know her or him to see if you would co-habitat amicably without issues. Every other person around you, your friends and family won’t see anything wrong but you are the person in the marriage and the moment you are in, it is hard to get out.

Create a list of things you can’t tolerate

Exhaust all the list of habits you can’t tolerate and be sure to see if you would be OK with what you have.

Snoring, for instance, if you can’t stand it you have to be sure your incoming partner won’t give you any issues with it.

Cleanliness. Can you stand her level of cleanliness, is she the type that would litter her pads in the toilet to complete her cycle before disposing of it, or the one the would fart in the dinning without minding or respecting your presence. Work on the list of attitudes and habits you need to check before saying I do because once the marriage is sealed you can’t go back to say I didn’t know he was like this I didn’t know she was like this.

What to do before you agree to marriage

Ask yourself can I tolerate this person? can I condole and overlook this flaw? will I not get irritated and frustrated while living together?

This is why before sealing the union you should have put them to various attitude and habit tests to see if you are capable of coping with it, if your partner has anger issues try getting him/her so angry to see the reaction you will get. If the heat is too much for you to bear you can at least know what you are getting yourself into.  

Tolerance is a very important factor to check before you say I do

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