Ten Weird Places To Have Hot Sex Aside The Bedroom

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Konji ( The Nigerian slang for sexual arousal) is a bastard, it can get you anywhere. without even viewing any erotic content a man can get a boner, and up the dick goes.

Sometimes it can be very intense where you can’t control yourself, that is why people end up just having quickies.

Are you thinking of a great way to spice up your love life and create sex memories with your partner by fulfilling some fantasies or simply trying new things?

Wild places to have sex
Places To Have Sex Outside The Bedroom

in this article, I wrote a list of 10 wild places you can have sex to switch up your game, Sex can be boring and tiring if you just keep doing the same thing without any spice or excitement.

Naturally, as humans we get bored of doing the same thing, even those to do routine tasks sometimes just get fed up with doing the same thing every day. Sex in the bedroom is very comfortable but adventure is fun.

You don’t want to only have sex within the four walls of the room on the same bed and sheets every other day.

Spice things up and get a new feeling of having a hot quicky, this would not only create excitement for you and your spouse but it would increase your bond, you would have new things to reminisce about and create more amazing memories which would bring you together.

As against popular belief that sex is only practiced indoor in the confinement of a locked area in the absence of other people who are not participating in the act. I am here to tell you wild places to have sex outside your bedroom and home.

1. Party

 A party is an absurd place to get laid, depending on the nature of the party and the venue of the party, if its a house party full of young people, perhaps you get a little intoxicated, a party would be a cool place to have sex, just take any room in the house and do your thing.

The ideal party could be a birthday bash, friends hang, etc

a house party
A House Party

2.swimming pool

Many times the pool is the go-to place to have sex outdoor, especially if the pool is not crowded and there is much space to swim. Couples could get in the pool and enjoy themselves.

Maybe not necessarily have sex but you can enjoy a great romance in the pool from kissing to a handjob, just about any crazy sexual act can be practiced in the pool

3. Beach

Just like the swimming pool, the beach is an amazing outdoor sex venue, most times the need to have sex here is because of the semi-nude appearance of a lady.

At the beach a girl is dressed all sexy revealing succulent boobs and ass, getting all touchy around a man, which can get him turned on, therefore seeking sex.

The beach is an open space with lots of people so sex on the beach should be when it’s dark, it could be on a camp bed, chair or bench.

4. Car

Car sex, is very common from smooching to blow job, name it, sex in the car is great but do well to use a tinted car, and it is best done in the dark, in a lonely street with less flow of people. Car sex is thrilling and exciting, mostly unplanned so it is always hot and steamy.

5. Kitchen

The Kitchen

Married folks this is for you to spice things up, get romantic outside the bedroom, and don’t forget to drop the curtains while at it, if you have a spacious kitchen with good slabs you are good,  you can also get it while standing and leaning on the wall, let him give you from behind.

6. Backyard

This is like stolen sex, the quickest quickie, but people have sex at the backyard of the house, usually between unmarried people, or cheating partners. As funny as it is, it is always hot because of the pressure to avoid being seen.

Sex in the backyard
The backyard

Make sure it’s an open space without light or a small backyard hut. 

7. Club(VIP, toilet)

After the partying at the club and drinking, you can get yourself a VIP spot or VVIP to get the groove going and if you want it messy you can use the restroom for a short quickie. just be careful not to use a bathroom that could put you at risk of contracting diseases.

8. School

Students have sex on school premises, at the back of the college, empty classrooms, lonely laboratories, school stadium, toilet, corridors, stairways, name it. Students are the best sex explorers. if the place is dark with no disturbance then the show goes down.

9. Office

Office sex exists in the corporate world. It could be between a boss and subordinate,  colleagues, or even a husband and a wife. A professor and a student, just name it.

office is a wild place to have sex

Having Sex in the office is a good fantasy the only con here is you could get caught on your office CCTV camera. But if you are the boss and you own the company and the premises, Hell yeah Go all out and create a memory with your spouse

10. Garden

Your private garden is a great place to have sex, the serene environment and atmosphere, with the right loving and romantic mood will get the show done.


in addition places like a movie theater and the parking lot has been the most popular wild places people engage in outdoor sex. some even go as wild as in the Forest, probably on a trip or just an excursion. It is fun until an animal comes chasing you or creeping on you.

comment on this post with the craziest places you have had quick and hot sex, share your memories with me, also feel free to anonymously reach out to me via email sextherapist@mildstrings.com

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