The Best Valentine Gift to Give Your Partner: Gift This and She Would Love You Forever

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valentine gift for her

Valentine; the season of love is just around the corner, for those who celebrate it and know its importance. You know it is a day set aside to display affection as against other holidays like Christmas. Valentine’s day is strictly for lovers, it is an old-age tradition that marks the remembrance of Saint Valentine.

The day is marked by the colors red and white and it is celebrated in the united states of America and some other countries including Nigeria. According to history, Valentine’s day mark the death of a roman priest st valentine who continued to join men and women in marriages after the roman government outlawed marriages because they claim young unmarried soldiers performed better than those with wives and children. St valentine defied the law as he felt it was injustice by joining couples in marriages. So he was jailed and killed. A cause he did to promote love and union.

What is Love without sharing?

So what is love without sharing, love is an emotion that has to be expressed through giving, and with the love day approaching many vendors have been displaying price lists of various items packaged to help you gift your lover.

Absolutely valentine shouldn’t be the only time you should get a gift for your wife or partner, but it is a good time to gift your partner. Because there is love in the air, and everyone is doing it so why not follow the trend and create a memory by also getting your spouse a gift to mark the celebration.

In this article, I wrote a list of gifts idea and gifts that you can give your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, and even your parents to celebrate Valentine’s day.

valentine gift for wife
Valentine Celebration

1. Give what he/she needs:

I know a lot of vendors are having a valentine sale, even supermarkets are packaging hampers and having discount sales of some items.

Don’t allow all those cloud your reasoning into just getting everything you feel is nice and is affordable for your partner. Be intentional about what you are gifting out. Valentine’s day is a day of love that should bring about memories that your partner or you both can reminisce on.

Get your partner what he needs. It could be something he has talked about before that he would want to get or would be happy to just get. The funny thing is most times your partner can afford it but it mostly escapes his/her mind or he is too busy providing for other things that he forgets to get it for himself.

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For example. Your man talks about how he needs to get new pair of shoes because the ones he has are getting old. Get him a good pair of shoes as a Valentines’ gift.

Or sometimes he doesn’t even need to talk or complain about it if you are observant that your partner only shuffles between a few pairs of shoes because he doesn’t have so many or you notice he has been using the same pair for a long time you can as well gift him that. He is going to appreciate it and anytime he wears it he would remember you actually gave it to him as a gift.

Although the gift may seem so little. it is actually what he needs at that point and it comes in just when he needs it and he can use it. The same thing goes for women. Even though we know that a woman’s needs are endless, unlike a man’s. Women need so many things from wigs, to clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, underwear, jewelry, etc but it is wise to gift what is needed at the moment.

It could even be a piece of kitchen equipment. Maybe you noticed your wife has a hard time cooking because some of the utensils are spoilt and a new technology that would get the job done faster is out, you can get that put in a box and get it delivered with a note that you see the stress and you thought to make it easier. Imagine how romantic that would be and the memories that last every time she uses it.

Don’t just go buying gifts that are not needed or adding to the list of endless stuff that she has and might not be used in a long time.

Take out time to observe what your needs and what he/she would appreciate as it is much needed and an anticipated addition.

2. Get a gift that makes your partner better:

It could be a product or service. A session with a counselor, therapist, dietician, etc.

For instance, your spouse has been struggling with weight loss and would love the services of an accountable weight loss coach that would help his/her journey.

If you have a partner who has been insecure his/her skin condition like pimples, acne, stretch marks, etc you could buy a range of quality items that would help with that and increase your partner’s confidence, mental, health state of mind, physical well being, etc.

Like my yoni steam product line that helps women relieve menopausal symptoms, rejuvenate after birth, relieve menstrual pain, increase lubrication e.t.c could be a form of gift as it helps your woman with her feminine health.

The same goes for men the feeling of my spouse got this for me to help me with this or that won’t leave your mind in a hurry. Let a motive be behind the gift, to fulfill something or help with something. Get your partner something that would make him/her a better person.

For instance, your parent complains of insomnia and you find a product or service that could help eliminate the pain and make them have better sleep. That should be a perfect give idea and it would come much appreciated than other regular gifts.

3. Gift what would last

valentine gift for wife

Gifting shouldn’t just be for the moment. Anybody can buy you a piece of chocolate or a plate of food and you would forget about It the next minute.

Do you sometimes wear a dress or use something that reminds you of the person who gave it to you. That is how gifting should be. I have a phone power backup that every time I use it, it reminds me of the person and the motive behind the gift. That is how gifting should be. So as you are planning of showing love through Sharing of gifts this valentine do well to give quality gifts that would last either in your partner’s hands or in your partner’s memory.

4. Ask your partner what she/ he wants

You won’t be wrong when you ask your partner what he/she would want as a gift, also this would save you a lot of stress in thinking and wondering what you can buy.

Ask your partner in a nice and romantic way. For example. “Baby, I have been thinking about something nice to give to you to celebrate you for your love and support, but I can’t really think of anything because it seems you have everything. Could you tell me what you need and would appreciate as a gift from me to you”.

That is a good way to get the job done. It doesn’t matter if your partner already has the information about the gift you want to give him/her. Remember it is the intention that matters not just the gift in itself. Also remember to create bedroom memories that would make your spouse go wild don’t do the boring old same routine, try to spice things up

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