The Secret To Tightening Your Vagina After childbirth: How to do a Herbal steam

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Yoni Steaming Herbs

Tightening the vagina is a top priority for most women, from doing various Kegel exercises and massages to researching yoni steam herbs that can be used for tightening after childbirth. Women want to feel good and enjoy great sex.

Vagina steaming is a common practice all around the world, the benefit of the herbs used in this steaming can perform a lot of benefits for a woman including tightening of the vagina.

In Africa, most women always go through a steaming process mostly after childbirth, this is done to heal their uterus, and relieve pain and melt any blood cloth around the womb, even before the introduction of modern medicine.

The orthodox method of childbirth and feminine care place a lot of importance on female reproductive health.

The “yoni steaming” as it is called is a process where a woman squats over a bowl of hot water with some herbs in it, these herbs are healing herbs to restore the health of the vagina.

How to do a yoni steam for vagina steaming
Yoni steam after childbirth

Yoni vagina steaming.

The word yoni originates from Sanskrit, it means the sacred place which denotes or symbolizes the passage to life. Which is popularly known as the vagina. So yoni can be used interchangeably with the vagina.

The vagina is a very powerful body part, it is the only place a man will do anything and everything just to have access to and a woman can place demands on a man to succumb to her wants before she releases it.

For most men, the vagina is like heaven on health, a different planet where they can forget their sorrows and feel ecstasy.

The vagina is also very delicate and one of the most used organs in a female body, it is used to pass out blood during mensuration; which happens monthly for a healthy female that has attained puberty.

It is used for the delivery of a baby, some mothers go through delivery up to 5 times in their lifetime. The Vagina is also used for sexual intercourse which can happen every day depending on the frequency of the woman. Given these functions, the vagina can be going through a lot, like overstretching, infection to hormonal imbalance, and so on.

Yoni steaming is a self process done by steaming the vagina to heal, detoxify, and restore a woman’s feminine health.

how to do a yoni steam bath at home
DIY Yoni steam at home

Herbs used for Yoni Steaming

To do Yoni vagina steaming, a woman will allow the heat of steam to enter the vagina. 

This steaming can be a combination of herbs such as

  1. mugwort:
  2. wormwood,
  3. chamomile,
  4. calendula,
  5. basil,
  6. oregano,
  7. rosemary,
  8. wild yam,
  9. moringa,
  10. maca root:
  11. red clover,
  12. Shatavari, etc.

Yoni steam herbs for tightening and other health purposes can be done at home or at the spa. At the spa it is done using a seat designed for yoni steaming, this seat has a hole, for the steam to pass through to get to the vagina.

The herbs are dried and cooked together after which you sit to enjoy the steam, yoni vagina steam performs a lot of benefits to your entire body because it permeates through the vagina to enter other body parts such pelvis and uterus.

DIY (do it yourself) Yoni Vagina Steaming Using a Toilet Seat

The yoni steaming can also be done at home in a safe, personal and clean space, preferably the bathroom or bedroom.  follow this process for a DIY(do it yourself) yoni vagina steaming

1. Get a pot and boil water preferably 1 liter of water, once the water has reached the boiling point, turn down the heat and add a cup of dried yoni herbs to the boiling water and let it marinate for additional 7-10 minutes. Don’t forget to cover the lid of the pot so the heat of the herb won’t escape while boiling.

2. Place a toilet bowl on the toilet seat and transfer the herbs from the pot to the bowl.

3. Remove your clothes and gently squat on the toilet seat like you are about to pee, don’t seat completely to prevent the heat from burning, wrap a towel around you to help trap some of the heat from diffusing around.

4. Seat down, relax and enjoy the steam for up to 10 mins.

Yoni steam bowl for toilet seat at home
Yoni steam Bowl

How to do a yoni steam using a stool seat.

A stool that has a hole, specially designed for the purpose of vagina steaming can also be used

1. Pour the boiled herbs from the pot, into a small bowl or bucket.

2. Place the stool over the small bowl or bucket.

3. Undress then comfortably seat on the stool with your legs wide open to enjoy the steam.

4. This stool method would allow you to stay and enjoy the steam for a longer period.

yoni steam stool
yoni steam seat

How to do the yoni vagina steam without the stool or toilet seat.

Without the stool, you can do your yoni steam in your bedroom or your meditation space.

All you need to do is transfer the herbs from the pot into a small bucket and squat over the bucket to enjoy the steam.

When to do yoni steaming and Benefits of Yoni Herbs

Because yoni herbs perform different functions for women so the frequency of steaming of the vagina is depending on what you want to achieve with yoni herbs.

For Fertility

if your purpose of vagina steaming is to conceive or boost your fertility in preparation for conception.

I recommend you steam before your ovulation period, the yoni herbs will help moisten the uterine membrane to allow fertilization to easily and quickly happen.

If you have fertility issues you have to consistently steam for a period of at least 4Months this will clear the cervical fluids, depending on the severity of the fertility challenges you can steam as frequently as twice a month.

Do this before your ovulation and after your ovulation but not during your ovulation. If you suspect that conception has occurred don’t steam. It is not advisable to steam during pregnancy. Contact me directly for advice on other herbs that can aid conception.

Yoni Steaming After Childbirth

Yoni vagina steaming is very important after childbirth not only for healing and restoring but also for postpartum and quick body snapback.

The yoni steam herbs will flush out all the fluids and allow your stomach to go back to its original size. This would help you lose all the tummy fat accumulated during pregnancy.

It is important that newborn moms steam consistently for the first 1 month after childbirth. This will also aid the removal of fluids from the body, tone the vagina and uterus. The yoni steam should be done at least 2 times a week for the first 2 weeks to quickly shrink the womb back to its normal size.

After a heartbreak  and sexual trauma.

It is great to steam after heartbreak for healing yourself to close that chapter of your sex life with that partner before you begin a new chapter. Yoni steaming will also heal sexual trauma, if you feel your body has been violated, the steaming process will help to clear the bad energy that is causing you trauma. You can do this twice before you enter a new sexual relationship with a new partner to make you feel better.

Yoni steam herbs for Tightening

As women don’t like to feel insecure about their size, also women want to be confident that their sex partner doesn’t feel any looseness while making love, although the vagina is very much elastic and always revert back to its original size after sex or childbirth factors such as aging, exercises, menopause, etc could cause looseness. Women want to always look and feel confident in their body, appearance, and in the bedroom

Yoni steam herbs are also great for tightening the vagina, most women would want to rejuvenate their vagina for a good sex experience both for themselves and their partner, the yoni steam herbs can perform functions such as increasing the wetness(lubrication), sweetness, tightness, and help to maintain a healthy odor in the vagina.

DIY Yoni vagina Steam at home
Precautions in doing Yoni steaming

For Bacteria Infection and Regular Menstral Flow

The Yoni herbs have shown great results in relieving chronic yeast infection, toilet infection, and Urinary tract infection and regulating menstrual flow, to achieve this steam before your period like twice in a month, preferably before and after your menstrual period

Other Benefits Of Yoni Steaming

Other possible Benefits of steaming the vagina using Yoni herbs apart from tightening include

  1. To relieve Painful sex and promote stronger female orgasms
  2. Manage uterine fibroids, weakness of the uterus and endometriosis, it detoxify and remove harmful toxins from the womb
  3. helps in the healing of hemorrhoids popularly known as pile
  4. for menopause, this will reduce menopausal issues like thick blood clot
  5. To cleanse and heal after a miscarriage

Precautions in Yoni Steaming

  1. Don’t Steam when you are on your period
  2. Your Seam heat should not be too hot for you to handle, wait to cool a bit when you can enjoy the steam
  3. If you are steaming for fertility, dont steam when you are ovulating
  4. Yoni steaming should not be done if you are pregnant
  5. Don’t steam if you have a IUD method of contraception
  6. Don’t steam if you have wounds or open sore in your vagina area

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Yoni Steam

Can I Steam when I missed my period, but pregnancy hasn’t been confirmed?

it is best to hold on until pregnancy status has been confirmed, if the result is negative you can steam, otherwise do not steam when you are pregnant

what are the side effects of Yoni steam herbs?

The yoni steam herbs have no known side effect, but if you experience any negative reaction or irritation after your first steam, then it is advisable not to continue

Are There Yoni Herbs that work for Fibroid

There are specific Yoni herbs for addressing various conditions including Fibroids, Fertility, Detoxification and there are multifunctional herbs that help with the general health of the vagina

If you have more personal questions to ask concerning which yoni herbs would be ideal for you, one way is to contact me via our social media handles or send me an email.

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Maryann Kwentua November 14, 2021 - 6:59 AM

Hello, my question is after child birth there’s bleeding, can you use yoni steaming at that time or you have to wait till the bleeding has stopped

sex therapist November 14, 2021 - 8:56 AM

If you experience bleeding after childbirth, wait until the bleeding is over before doing yoni steam, this would help you enjoy the steam benefit.


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