This Is How You Know A Nigerian Man Trying To Marry You Is Married Back Home

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how to know if a Nigerian man is married back home

Fellow Nigerian ladies, this is the hot gist you need to read. As we all know women are currently more than men, maybe if we were supposed to share the women among the men we won’t have to worry if a man is taken as a married man back home with a wife and faking to be a bachelor.

Unfortunately, we can not, our society doesn’t really support a man having 2 wives, let alone having multiple wives. So as an extra careful lady that doesn’t want to fall into lies or deceit by a man acting like a bachelor when indeed he has a full whole household to take care of, A wife, 3 kids with a live-in Inlaw, and a ton of family members struggling to get a share of his pocket.

Everyone in Nigeria knows the diversity of Nigerian men, the Yoruba demons, Benin men, Igbo men, Hausa men, e.t.c as we have each group or tribe so also we have them with different and varying characters.

It’s no longer a fact that dating in Nigeria is a tug of war. Most of these men are married with two or three kids and a good-looking wife. But you can never know even with the obvious evidence of driving a large car like a sienna they will still lie and swear on their mother’s grave that they are single.

In truth, Even wedding rings or bands are insufficient evidence to determine whether a man is married or not. I’ve seen and heard various instances about a married man posing as a single man, and in the end, we discovered the man has three wives.

It’s a familiar story, and it usually goes like this: “I’ve been searching for the best lady in the world, and now I found you”, ” nobody has ever brought me happiness since I met you” …..

Honestly, falling in love with a Nigerian man can be complex, you just need to tread softly and do a thorough investigation and be sure your Nigerian Charming prince is not married with a wife back home.

So now, how do you know if a Nigerian man is married to a wife or children back home and he is hiding it?

Leave the answers to me, read on, and Let’s get this show on the road.

Signs A Man Is Married And Hiding It

how to know if a man is married and is hiding it
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●    You Don’t Trust Him 99% Or 100%

The moment you’re in a relationship, and you start doubting your man’s faithfulness – don’t overlook it.

The fact is that every human being has instructive instincts, which you must learn to listen to. Don’t shun it.

Your instinct can’t always be 100% right, but I’d advise that you make your findings.

You can give some of your friends his phone number and let them act like a good samaritan who found his wife’s phone. Let them lead him on and listen to his response. He will immediately say where you are or rebuff by saying, “I am not married.”

I’m sure you understand.

You can also think of another scene play to justify your trust for him. The bottom line is to get someone to investigate his marital status and be very sure to get your facts to clear all your doubts.

●    He Says No to Big Wedding

Most Nigerian men enjoy big weddings; be skeptical if he says no to a big wedding and doesn’t want a court wedding.

Now, from the first point I mentioned, he still has a pass mark below 99%, and he’s still saying no to major weddings or no court weddings, my dear, run fast. Although a court wedding is not a guarantee that he is not married, after all a man can be legally married to a woman in the face of the law, and still be traditionally married to other women.

This is Nigeria, we still hold our values and to an extent our customs, so a traditionally married wife is still married and as equally entitled to her husband as a court wedded wife is.

Based on previous experiences with Nigerian ladies, most married men would try hard to avoid a noisy wedding ceremony to avoid the wife at home from getting to know of the wedding.

Dear Nigerian ladies, this could be a red flag.  Be smart to see it and flag it back.

●    He Prefers Wedding Outside Nigeria

No Public Wedding

You are both aware that your parents are in Nigeria, and customs dictate that you seek parental consent and prayer before marrying.

Your man now insists on marrying you in a distant country. Another warning sign!

Confront him and tell him that if he genuinely wants you, he must do the necessary. Perhaps he wants to elope with you without the consent of your parents outside the country, for no tangible reason, when it is not that your parents are not in agreement with your union, then something might be fishy. very fishy.

●    He Spends Lavishly

Most wealthy married men find it easy to take care of another lady after their family. It is easy for them to use their money to cover other unimportant things they may not provide you with.

At this point, you should wonder why a man his wealth is still single. Please conduct a thorough check to ensure he is not married in his home country.

To avoid becoming the next victim, use the internet, and social media handles to back up your allegation.

●    He Claims Not to Be a Social Media Person

no social media

Men are astute and cunning. Do you realize your relationship is a well-thought-out concept for him?

You may not realize it, but he has planned every strategy to ensure that the relationship works as intended.

He may depict himself as a non-social media user who solely uses WhatsApp for your communication.

This is the age of technology, and any one of his age and exposure who is not present on social media sites is quite suspicious

This could indicate that he is masking something or not who he claims to be, and you are a “side chick.” He may have a social media presence in some rare circumstances, but he will never reply to your posts, images, or even flaunt you on his page for various reasons.

What to Do After Finding Out You’re Dating a Married Nigerian Man

Now that you’ve found out his marital status, don’t hide it. Confront him and tell him your findings. Communication is important in every relationship.

Don’t stay in a toxic relationship that’s ending nowhere.

Communicate and interrogate him to know his motive for such lies.

In the end, the choice is all yours!

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