This Unarguably The Best sex position for a Mind Blowing quickie: Spice Up Your Sex Life

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best sex position for a quickie

Quickie is thrilling, the intensity, the rush, the struggle to get it done as fast as possible gets you in a haste to access the pleasure in the choochie. so are you thinking of the best sex position to enjoy your quickie?

Everyone knows what a quickie is, this is a short, quick and hot sex that is done within a short time preferably outside the bedroom, it could be in the kitchen, office, classroom, car e.t.c just to satisfy a sexual fantasy.

Even though quickies are short, they can be very pleasurable if done well, it creates memories, bonds, and it is sometimes much more romantic than the regular marathon sex done in the bedroom.

Below is a list of the best sex position you should do for a quickie. Don’t be a novice, step things up and take charge with this position. Help your partner and explore these exciting styles in a rush

1. Doggy style:

This is unbeatably the most used sex style for a 5- 10 mins sex romp. This is a position where the man accesses the pussy from behind usually by standing, the woman could lean on the wall and bend over while arching her back to raise her ass.

While using the doggy style for quickie the male is usually the active partner doing the smashing and waist movement. But the woman could also be the one doing the movement in some cases. This position is also most preferred because you won’t have eye contact with your quickie partner, so once you are done you keep your dick and go. 

2. Reserve cowgirl style:

This is a great sex position for a quickie. Because a quickie is usually unplanned and enjoyed outside the bedroom a reverse cowgirl style will give that intense pleasure with a strongly erect penis. In this position the woman does the movement or fucking, the man sits on a chair uprightly, and the woman sits on the dick facing forward direction. Usually, the erect penis is up, to enjoy this position correctly, the woman bends to sit while putting the dick in her pussy, she then glides up and down on it to ride the sweet dick, while keeping her legs wide apart.

3. Cowgirl style:

This style is very appropriate for a quickie, in this style the lady sits on the dick but faces the man, seeing eye to eye. In the position the man could do the fucking,  the girl could also do it depending on who wants to.

For the cowgirl style to be enjoyed as a quickie, it should be done while sitting on a stable armless chair, the man sits on the chair with a standing dick while the lady crosses her legs putting the man on the chair in the middle of her thighs, she should hold the chair for support while she glides up and down on the dick. This style is pleasure able as the woman determines the right speed to get her orgasm.

4. Table spread:

This position is hot and sizzling if the lady is wearing a flay gown, so you wouldn’t have to expose all her body parts, the lady sits on a table, desk, or slab, it could be a dresser, office or classroom desk, the kitchen just any solid and stable surface will do, she sits with her legs wide open apart, all the man does is shift her panties to run your hands on the pussy and slide your dick inside it. While the man fucks the pussy, the lazy should grab the man’s ass with her legs.

This position is sweet as it gives additional pleasure from the slamming of the balls on the vagina.

Also, this position allows the man to access the boobs, to suck or squeeze the nipple while fucking.

Do well to explore and feel free to reach out for a consultation on problems regarding sexual performance. Just like your overall health, your sexual performance also needs care and attention to perform optimally.

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