Must Have Qualities Of A Potential Husband: Tick This On Your List

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what are the qualities of a potential husband

One of my articles spoke extensively on the reasons why ladies choose between older or younger men. Correspondingly, this is somewhat a continuation of my last article. With choices established, there are however reasons why ladies make these choices in choosing a man to settle with.

Starting up a family isn’t as easy as starting up a business. Might have similar planning strategies, planning a family however is a greater task. Before ladies decide to settle down, they don’t only pick their preferences but also look out for qualities that make a man a potential husband.

In the same fashion, as I did in my last article. I asked a few ladies about the attributes and qualities they look out for in a man that makes him a potential husband.

What qualifies a man to be a potential husband? qualities to look out for in a man before you consider him to be husband material? what are the qualities of a potential husband?. Whichever way the question is asked it all sums up to mean the same thing.

As a guy, it is also important to take into note these qualities so as not to find it difficult in settling down. In the real sense, a man might not possess all these qualities may be a few important ones.

However, it is important to note them and also search for ways to add more qualities. These qualities might sound so apt and simple nonetheless, there aren’t as easy as they sound.

what are the qualities of a potential husband
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  1. Notably, these qualities are numerous and cannot be fully exhausted. Below are a few important ones
  2. Kindness
  3. Hardworking
  4. Supportive
  5. Intelligent
  6. Honest
  7. Patience
  8. Caring and Romantic
  9. Fashionable and Good looking
  10. God-fearing
  11. Good sense of humor


As a wise lady said, ‘A kind person is always kind even in daring times’. Although, it is original nature for humans to be kind. But these days the world we live in isn’t all about humanity anymore. Everyone just wants to live his/her own life really.

As time goes on in marriage, whether one likes it or not, love at some point won’t be enough. There are days when love won’t cut it when love fails and days one notices some habits that didn’t show up while courting.

So, on days when love isn’t a reliable rock, a kind person will always show kindness. Ladies always look out for guys with good conscience, kindness, and goodwill to settle with. The quality of being kind is a perfect quality a guy shouldn’t cut out.


In the real sense, no one wants a partner who’d be leashing about, totally dependent on them, and also lazy.

However, a man’s nature comes with the strength and will to work hard. This is a quality ladies pick out in a potential husband.

A funny saying goes that broke guys don’t deserve love. On a lighter note not every man who is broke at some point is lazy. However, some men have proven otherwise.

A hardworking man seeks to always get better and has the zeal to be successful. Even though during the stage of courting, he might not be financially buoyant. A hard worker, in the long run, turns out to be successful. Men that have futuristic and achievable goals are very attractive to women.


A man aside has been kind and hardworking should also be very supportive. There are lots of ladies out there who are career-driven, wanting to achieve great things of their own. If such ladies settle with a man who just wants a housewife, she’d definitely miss out on great deals.


There’s a lot to achieve for women too and getting a man that supports with everything he has is great quality. A supportive man always thinks out ideas to help his spouse get better and achieve her own dreams.

Being supportive isn’t limited to just financial assistance alone. A man or potential husband should be supportive emotionally, career-wise, mentally, physically, spiritually, and so on.


An intelligent person is a problem solver. Being intelligent, however, goes beyond being educated. Education is really what the school gives, intelligence on the other hand is self attained especially from past experiences and how a person tends to address issues.

Ladies don’t also want a boring person who is all about books and can’t keep up a conversation. Notwithstanding books are important. But a bookie is restricted in thought while an intelligent person knows how to keep up conversations and even start one. Knows how to solve issues and if not always tries to think of ideas.

A man who’s both a bookie and also very intelligent is a spec that ladies would die for to be with.


The issue of honesty these days is quite controversial. Nowadays, people find it difficult to trust other people, especially men. The ways in which people switch up character and attitude is really alarming. Men most times pose questionable characters and this has triggered ladies’ distrust in men. Women have come to a general conclusion that men are the ultimate scums.

Ladies in their right hold ethics and character in high esteem. They detest men who are full of lies, who cheat, and are also very gullible. Ladies want to be able to fully trust their men and be very confident in them.

Also, ladies don’t want attitudes that make them suspect their man in any way. Too much suspicion dries out the trust a lady has for her man. Men who can’t come clean, who cheat and find it easy to lie aren’t qualified to be potential husbands.

Honesty and trust are key in every relationship and one very important quality a man should possess.

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