What Can I do to Escape My lustful Lecturer

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Fine Black Lady

I need to sleep with my Business Math Lecturer for me to pass this course, and my grade is bad that if I don’t make up to 2.0 CGPA I would be asked to leave the department.

College is so stressful it is for those that are very intelligent, but In my own case I am a struggling student, I am not book smart and it is very hard for me as a girl with a hour glass figure. I have tried severally to be modest but these men can’t just take their eyes of my body. The pressure from men running after me on campus, focusing on my academics and trying to make ends meet with running my side business is daunting.

 Now I have a choice between sleeping with my 62 year old professor to earn an A or live the rest of my campus days fighting numerous lecturers whom my professor will speak bad of me too.

The Home I Come From

When I gained admission to the university, it wasn’t an easy ride, my parent had to borrow, beg, and sell some of their properties with the hope that one day I will be a graduate, earn a good job and take care of them in return, I come from a family of 5 my mum a petty trader, my dad a mason who lost his own dad to the civil war at a young age, he didn’t have the opportunity to get a formal education but he has taken upon himself to see me and siblings get formal education.

I was lucky enough to get my Waec examination sponsored by a rich man in our Local community, my dad labored on one of his sites and my mom sold Okpa (a local Igbo snack made from Bambara nut flour) to the workers on site, I accompanied her on a faithful day to give my dad food while working when we met chief Uzor a business man in the suburb of Aba in Abia state, he was so impressed by how hardworking I am and them promised to pay my examination fee.

I met the notorious lecturer

During my first year I have tried to avoid this particular lecturer because I have heard tales of how he request sex from girls with big ass and insists on having an affair with them before they earn a pass mark in his course. On one faithful day I accompanied my friend Moji to submit her assignment to her statistics lectures in a different faculty from mine when I met Dr Dotun a middle aged professor he asked I introduce myself to him, which I politely did truthfully, unknowingly for me he was the notorious Professor tagged “he no dey see fine girl wey get yansh”

From there, he traced me on, he knows I would be taking Business Math a 3 unit compulsory course the following semester.  I never attended any of his classes to avoid been seen or recognized by him, but I had to show up to write my first mid semester test, on the day of the test he made a rule to sign the answer sheet of every student before submission then our path crossed, I noticed the stare of recognition he game me and my heart sunk in fear.

He asked me to see him after the test in his office, he didn’t hide his intention, he is very influential among the other lecturers in the faculty, he is the dreaded lecturer and you dare not be in his net. I am stuck between choosing to oblige my lecturer’s request or forfeit my stay in the department due to my poor grade.

Depressed Face

This is a fiction story all characters are not real, you have a similar story, reach out via our email, sextherapist@mildstrings.com

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This is nice. Keep up with the good work sex therapists.

Johnbosco Nduaguba August 31, 2021 - 7:52 PM

There’s no hard and fast rule as to when One should start having sex as soon as they’re of legal age (18).

But 20 is fine as one would have at least reached a certain level of adult maturity and understand the consequence of their actions.


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