A Research On What Causes A Married Man To Cheat On His wife

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what causes a man to cheat on his wife

We all wonder what causes a married man to cheat on his faithful wife, most times we really can’t give a real concrete reason why men cheat. Some say because men are polygamous In nature. Others say because men are moved by what they see and at times their dick does the thinking and pushes them to cheat.

One of the major causes of divorces asides from domestic violence and the other popular reason of inconsiderable differences which couples say when they can no longer tolerate each other anymore is cheating. Which is mostly committed on the part of the man.

Even in regular dating relationships, more men have been revealed to cheat on their partners than women.

It reminds me of this popular show cheaters where a secret detective is hired to track a suspecting cheating partner to reveal if he/she is cheating or not.

The most annoying thing about cheating in men is that they cheat with women whom they really don’t have real intentions for on their wife whom they don’t or would do anything not to lose. Hence they become really remorseful and regretful after being caught.

I feel men what to cheat, maybe it is a form of displaying their masculinity I don’t know, but they never want to be caught. It is like a game where the ability to conceal things keeps the fun on.

So now why do men cheat or better still what causes a man to cheat on his wife?

Married men are the only ones who have the responsibility of fidelity, why? Because they made a vow to remain loyal and faithful as a matter of fact they exchanged the vows in the presence of witnesses, therefore, they can be held to ransom if they fault their vows.

In my society, as a single man, you can decide to date as many people as you can as long as you can provide financial and emotional support to all your partners together with the ability to keep them away from discovering each other.

But on the other hand as a married man, you would be publicly regarded as a cheat even if you have all the resources to keep your partners satisfied it is still not acceptable.

That is why you hear people use the phrase “settle down ” instead of getting married as a guy this means dropping all your player boots to focus on building a family with a woman to love and to cherish and forsake all other “side chicks”

But regardless men always still find their way to cheat one way, one time or the other find themselves cheating and possibly get caught up in that habit that they can’t just retrace their steps.

In this article, I share what causes a married man to cheat on his wife. This Article is backed by a well-conducted research survey of 104 respondents which represents married men of various races, Black, Hispanic, White, and Asian.

The race of men involved in the Research

What Causes A Man To Cheat On His Wife

what causes a man to cheat on his wife

1. Lack of wife’s Affection and Availability

One of the major reasons why married men cheat on their wives is a lack of partners’ affection and availability,

Men claim they could begin to cheat on their wives if they are not getting the affection they crave for.

Actually on my survey that is the least reason that was chosen and this was only chosen by 24 respondents which represent only 22.2% of men saying the main cause of cheating on their wives for them is lack of the wife’s availability and affection.

This means that a man wants to be cared for, a man wants affection he wants love and romance, and he wants to feel loved and pampered.

As a wife, the moment you do not begin to see your husband as a baby that needs affection rather than just a grown adult that can take care of himself without showing any sense of affection and availability then you are increasing his chances of falling into the arms of another woman who can listen and be there for him when he feels the need to be loved and cared for.

Men are humans no matter how grown and strong they are they still want to be loved, just like everybody, grown and responsible husband do have their weak and humbling points where all they need is just gentleness, peace, and care.

A wife who wants to reduce the chances or cut this factor that could cause her man to cheat on her needs to provide that loving affection that keeps her husband wanted and important at all times.

Even though most of the respondents claim it is not really much of an issue in the sense that they might not be tempted to cheat if they have a wife who is not affectionate and available. But nonetheless, it is still a factor that makes men cheat on their wives.

2.  Peer Influence From Friends:

Just like the old saying show me your friends and I would tell you who you are.

Peer influence is a big deal in every area of our lives even as adults, we are mostly defined by our close circle,

Do you want a man that won’t cheat? watch his close circle. A perfect gentleman in the midst of cheating friends would be tempted to cheat.

It is only a matter of time and a little push from his friends. Even sometimes it might not be a little push, it just happens that he sees his friends cheating and getting away with it, with no consequences, they are not suspected nor caught by their wives and they boast about it.

He then sees that he can also try and give it a try, and he then gradually begins to cheat on his wife.

From my research peer influence from friends is responsible for 41.7% of the reasons which cause a married man to cheat on his wife.

So what’s the solution?

Does this mean a married woman should be mindful of the company her husband keeps?

Absolutely you have to be even right from when you were dating before you went to the alter, you have to be selective of your potential husband using the kind of people he moves with.

Unlike the evident groups of bad friends in which the implication of moving with can be easily discovered like drug users, fraud guys, or even cults.

Having cheating friends really seems like no big deal because after all, your husband is a grown man. Psychologists say that friends have a lot of influence on our behavior.

so even if your husband has no intentions of cheating one day he would find himself stepping out on you just like his friends do on their partners.

what causes a man to cheat on his wife
Survey Conducted by mildstrings

3. Men cheat because of a lack of sexual satisfaction.

This reason was the most voted for by all the men of all races. This shows men most men would cheat if they are not getting satisfied sexually with their wives.

As a wife, you have to be ready to match up your sexual energy with your husband’s own. We all know that men love sex, they have fantasies, and they want to explore and satisfy their sexual energy.

So if you are the type of wife who is always reluctant about the bedroom time in your marriage. I can categorically say that you are giving your husband reasons to cheat on you.

Because if a man is well taken care of sexually he won’t cheat or better still his chances of cheating on you if very low, especially if you top it up with affection, availability, care, and respect. You will have yourself a faithful man to the core.

In reality, men are not hard to please if you understand your husband’s wants sexually and you are also excited to give him your best.

Always make out time to appraise your sex lives to know where you are lacking and how to step up.

Put in the effort in having an amazing sex life. Explore other areas of your house outside your bedroom. Be romantic and enjoy or better still put in the effort to have a great and fun sex life with your spouse. Give him sex in the morning, afternoon, and evening, even when he doesn’t ask for it.

Your husband can be getting sex from you but he is not sexually satisfied. What do I mean by that?

Off course you give him sex, for men it is just not about the act alone, a man knows when his wife is not excited about having sex with him.

He observes when you just give sex on the basis that he is your husband and you just have to because most times you are not active you don’t do foreplay and all other sexual activities that would drain him or give him the most memorable sex experience.

As a wife, you can be everything, which included being your husband’s badass in the bedroom.

Lack of sexual satisfaction was selected by 57 respondents, which represents the highest selected factor responsible for cheating among married men.

Now that you know this, it is time to be intentional about your sex life and be giving your husband mind-blowing orgasms.

4. Toxic wife/ troublesome Partner.

Do you know that some women respect their pastors, uncles, fathers, bosses, and other men in their lives more than they respect their husbands?

In case you don’t know, the interpretation of love for men is respect, Men want to be respected, rather Married men want to be respected by their wives.

If you belong to the category of wives that seldomly respects their husband, always throw tantrums.

Always causing trouble, giving your husband little to no breathing space, even probably verbally and emotionally abusing your husband, messing with his mental health by just being so toxic all in the name of overprotectiveness or trying to prevent him from living his own life.

Then I can tell you that he would cheat on you whether you like it or not.

From my research, 40.7% of the respondents selected that having a troublesome or Toxic wife is a factor responsible for cheating in married men.

From the research peer influence from friends and having a troublesome wife is almost on the same pedestal with 41.7% of the respondents selecting the former.

 This means that they both work almost hand in hand.

That is if a husband has a toxic wife he can easily be influenced by friends who are already cheating. Even without having friends or moving with friends who don’t cheat or engage in extramarital affairs, he would definitely find his peace elsewhere.

Be it in the arms of a woman who gives him happiness, or spending more time outside the home to clear his mind and relax.

The bottom line is by being a toxic wife you are opening up a loophole for your husband to cheat on you.

In conclusion, what causes a man to cheat on his wife

Cheating is a personal decision regardless of all these factors. But we all need to agree that husbands are adult human beings with sexual needs to be met.

If he is deprived he might be tempted to step out of the marriage.

Men can decide to cheat for various reasons known to them, maybe lack of self-control, even addiction, lack of love for their spouse, and so on.

From my survey, most men agree to cheat due to the following reasons

Peer pressure from friends, lack of  Sexual satisfaction, Toxic Wife/Troublesome partner, and Lack of partner affection and availability.

Poll results of Factors Responsible for a Man cheating on his wife

Poll Response
Number of Audiences: 104
Race :
Black: 27.9 %
White: 19.2 %
Hispanic and Latin: 32.7 %
Asian: 20.2 %

45 People from104 said one of the main causes or factors of cheating is peer Influence from Friends while
57 from 104 also tell the main factor is lack of sexual satisfaction.

44 People from104 said one of the main causes or factors of cheating is a toxic Wife/Troublesome partner and 24 from104 said one of the main cause or factor of cheating is lack of partners affection and availability

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Onyinye Ogbuka May 6, 2022 - 10:18 AM

Many men also chest because they lack discipline. Marriage counselors usually say marriage amplifies our weaknesses. A man who cheats in a relationship will go into marriage and cheat more. Why? he is not disciplined. Most times it’s not about the woman, it’s about the man who is yet to be a man in the real sense of it and fails to understand that a man cannot consume too much sweet or less he will make himself sick. Self Discipline and self control is one thing that many men lack. That is why we would always have men who cheat.

Chukwudi olike November 16, 2022 - 5:40 AM

We have been married over r yrs my husband has been cheated onmein our marriage he post on social media the he pergrant another woman


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