What do you do in therapy?

by Onyinye Ogbuka

People have wrong mindsets about what happens during a therapy session. This article debunks that myth and shows what goes on during a therapy session. What do you do in therapy?

So I told my friend I was going for therapy and the first thing that came out of her mouth was “I reject it in Jesus’s name”.  She gave me the stink eye and warned me never to utter such nonsense again. My friend went on to ask me if I was mad and I told her that I was not. She said me going for therapy means that I am running mad and I would have psychiatric nurses holding me back from running out of the ward. What she was saying sounded so outrageous but she was dead serious. She opined that no one must ever hear me say that I am going for therapy because they would term me as mad. I had never laughed so loud before. 

Most people think that therapy is for mad people, but that is not what therapy is at all. Therapy is a treatment conducted to heal mental or emotional disorders in people. Therapy is not about strong nurses holding you so that you don’t run out into the streets. That is not what is done in therapy, most especially psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy which is what Mildstrings majorly focuses on involves a lot of talking. Therapy is like going on a soul search, in this case, you have someone who is not related and helps you see things objectively. This person makes you see things that are there but you are not conscious of.

What do you do in therapy sessions?

The first thing you do in therapy is to talk. The therapist engages you in a conversation and asks questions about your life, your relationship, your health, and your family to gain a general understanding of who you are and where you are coming from. This helps the therapist understand your perspective, your actions and your belief systems. They take you through structured and intentional conversations to help you dig deep into the deep recesses of your mind. We as humans tend to bury our feelings and this affects us subconsciously but talking to a therapist helps you to dig out these feelings, and face and confront them head-on. In therapy, there is that freedom you have which can be likened to when you talk to a stranger and dump your emotions on them, and you know they will listen without judging you.

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What do you in therapy?

You don’t just talk with a therapist, you also learn ways of coping with whatever you are getting treatment for. Therapists guide you on how to deal with your emotions or your mental issues. For example, if Jane is stressed with the place of her work and her colleagues, by talking to a therapist she is able to learn how to cope with her stress and handle it without blowing off her lid. This may seem ordinary to a person but in therapy, you gain skills that help you deal with life in general and whatever is affecting you specifically.

In therapy, you build your self-esteem. Most times, as they say, life happens. Most times we go through situations that cause a crack in our self-esteem. Funny enough, these situations come back and haunt us and widen the cracks in our self-esteem. Over time, it spills into our daily life, it affects some of our actions and our relationships with others. It is worse if we blame ourselves for those things that happened in the past. Therapy helps us to fill those cracks, how the situation is not always completely our fault and what we could have done better. Most importantly, we can move on and live our lives more fulfilling. 

4 things that may happen during therapy sessions

  1. You will talk
  2. You might cry
  3. You might shout
  4. You might get angry and rant

What does a therapist do for depression?

A therapist helps you talk through your depression into your underlying issues, and gives you drugs to help the depression depending on the severity of your depression.

What to talk about in therapy when you have nothing to talk about?

You don’t have to worry about what you want to talk about. Sincerely, you will have nothing to say but by the time you sit a few minutes, you begin to pour out your heart and begin to wonder how there is so much inside of you.

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