What Is A Woman’s Greatest Asset In The Society: The “GEN Z” Age

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“In reality, a woman’s greatest asset in the new society is her body which includes her ass, boobs, and beauty”. How true is this,

Does this mean that women should only spend their time, and resources on a mere depreciating object as a body, a piece of meat that ages and loses value as time goes by?

In a society where preferential treatment is given to beautiful, women, with banging bodies, well-sculptured faces, and women have been programmed from childhood to think that their beauty should look some certain way. What many women only have to hold on to is their Body, so they can use it to earn and create opportunities for themselves as much as they can

Most men will definitely tell you that a woman’s greatest asset is her body still, this is because men are mostly attracted by what they see and see beauty in only the physical.

Any wonder why a dumb saucy girl with no educational qualification or intellect but a banging body still gets men’s attention than a well-mannered decent educated girl. Have you ever wondered why good-looking girls are winning don’t allow anyone to tell you any different, although not all men like them big, cushion-like boobs or ass, hefty at the same time packaging matters?

In the same society where women are also trying to have a voice, a career, a job, a business, and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life there is more to a woman than just her body, looks, or just merely being a female.

In this article, I shared a list of great features that can make a woman great, well respected, and also be seen as a valuable asset in the society

1. Invest in your looks. This is your greatest asset as a woman keep it lovely.

Your looks are your no 1 asset, a popular phrase goes your “face your identity”, gloss your lips get a face routine, never be caught unfresh, just as we encourage both men and women to always look good and clean so also as a woman try to always look your best. It is said that you can only be addressed the way you are dressed.  

No matter what a woman’s qualification, the education we cannot take away appearance from her but at the same you should not feel insecure about your body or allow any insecurity to hold you down or stop you from being your best self. Invest in your looks.

There is something about looking and feeling good, it boost your confidence, makes you feel better about yourself and you can relate with people, raise your head high and contribute to activities and programs that can be beneficial to society.

See no matter what happens beauty will always be a thing with women. It has been there from generation to generations

2. Package and Put Yourself In Order

Have you ever seen skinny girls wearing revealing dresses? Even if you are not physically endowed, you still need to look the part, flaunt the skin, flaunt the legs. After all, we have all established that one of the greatest Assets a woman has in this new society is her looks and beauty.

What do you do if you don’t have great looks, Package yourself, that is make do with the little you have in a great way. There is something I have noticed it is the ones who don’t have the knowledge or experience that are most confident and in turn get the applause.

Similarly, put yourself in order, dress to accentuate your shape, dress to look your age or younger than your age, don’t live an obsolete lifestyle, be in trend and be aware of the new trends happening around you.

3. Education Is One Of The Most Valuable Asset a Woman Can Give Herself.

A woman's greatest asset
A Decent Woman

You need to be informed, the ladies of the 21st century are not the ones who wait by for man-to-make decisions.

Your intellectual capacity is your asset as a Woman, you have to be educated and informed. Even if your physical attributes get you the necessary attention, your intellectual capacity will sustain it. How knowledgeable you are about certain events, topics, or issues will influence your perception of things which will reflect your attitude and energy. So your brain is your assets feed it well.

4. Your Relationships With Others

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As a lady, your relationship with others is an asset you shouldn’t toil with. Even if you are an introvert you need to have a circle of close friends that would always be there for you when you need them.

Keep Relationships with both male and female friends. Even if it seems like y’all don’t have anything of value to share, you have to keep building this relationship at every stage of your life, it is very necessary, you see as men always have friends or pals that they sometimes don’t even know the real names they just keep them because they know one day they will have could have what they need at it wouldn’t be a problem asking because they already have an existing relationship.

Is keeping relationships easier for women than it is for men? I guess it is easier for men but I will keep that debate for another article. At the same time, women have to work on building valuable relationships, it is easier to get things done, get projects executed, get business and events going as quickly as possible if you have the right relationship and circle of networks.

5. Your Online Presence is the Newest Asset for Women.

Girls, please have an online presence, be visible, you could have all the above-listed assets as a woman, girl, or lady, and still be hidden. Even if it is on your small WhatsApp or Facebook or LinkedIn or any social space you reckon with.

Let me use Liqourose from BBN season 6 as an example, if she probably didn’t have an online presence showcasing her dance skills before the show she probably would not have been noticed or gained as many fans as much as she has on the show.

You have that skill, passion, etc. Put yourself out there get noticed and grow a following that’s an asset that could even get you far more relationships and attention than boobs and ass would.

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