What is the right age to start having sex For Teenagers?

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what is the age to have sex as a teenager

There has been a debate on the right age to have sex, or what the age of consent should be to protect young people from being pressured into having sex when they are not ready.

For some countries, the legal age of consent averages around 16 or 17, but there are conditions you need to check to be sure that you are fully ready and you are not going to make a decision that would come back to hunt you.

Sexual intercourse is seen as a sacred thing that should only be enjoyed by married couples, adults rarely talk about it, they make it seem corrupt and dirty as it is forbidden to be discussed in public.

This same sexual intercourse is the foundation of Reproduction which is one of the characteristics of living things. Some of the characteristics that make us complete as humans are the ability to express our inner emotions of love, attraction, and our natural biology.

what is the right age to have sex

Ideal age to get engaged in sexual intercourse.

Puberty usually begins at 13 for girls and around 16 for boys this is when a girl sees her first period and begins to develop breasts, for guys facial hair or wet dreams is a good sign check this puberty guild: what happens to boys and girls.

At this stage you are completely a novice and do not know what sex is about if you haven’t had prior knowledge of it, sex is not needed at this stage sex is not enjoyed at this stage because all your organs are not fully developed yet.

To get involved in sex you need to have learned about your reproductive system, like why you menstruate every month, what makes a woman pregnant, when a woman can conceive, how to engage in safe sex, the dangers of engaging in unprotected sex, etc. It is very important to know all this and be matured enough to comprehend it.

Your hormones are raging, you wake up with an erection you are getting attracted to girls, you are feeling horny, eager to see what a naked body feels like.  Some of your friends are already getting involved and talking about their experiences, it is now like you are left out and you need to swipe your Virginity card as soon as you can with any available person. Be patient don’t rush it.

Sex is like a sealed tin of milk

It’s a big step and you need to think critically and carefully about it, think about the risk associated with sex especially the emotional risk. Sex can make us form a strong emotional and compassionate connection with someone.

Especially if you are having sex for the very first time, sow how do you know if you are ready or have attained the right age for sex. answer these few questions

Are you ready for sex or you are being pressured? is it you who want sex? or the people around you? your boyfriend or girlfriend?. Teenagers are usually under pressure to lose their virginity owing to peer pressure and competition. In situations like this, you need to sit down, relax and think, ask yourself if you are ready for sex

Sex is like a sealed tin of milk because once it is opened it has to keep been consumed, once you introduce yourself to it, your body will start asking you for it unless you have enough control to resist it which is very hard.

Against contrary opinion that it is a spiritual exchange between two souls, in the physical and ideal,  sex is an activity between two people enjoying their hormonal cravings and satisfying the call of nature just like sleeping and eating. But with sex comes some side issues.


Are you ready for commitment? Before you get involved in sex you should ask yourself if you are ready for commitment, while you are engaging and satisfying yourself, is it a one-time thing? or for a long time? that would be enjoyed with just that one partner or not If you have your answers then go ahead to find what’s right for you.

Are you ready emotionally, make sure you are mature enough because there are emotions that come along after having sex with someone? You should not have sex because someone wants you to have sex but because you want to have sex with him/her, not because of pressure.

This is why you have to be mature enough to handle all this pressure and make the best decision for yourself, The right age for sex is when you are in that mature place to handle the emotions and pressure involved.

As a girl, guys would even value you more if you stand on your grounds about not being ready, rather than getting easily convinced, real mature men love it when you have self-respect for yourself. Let a man be challenged and even if you are not a virgin, don’t always give out sex too easily to a new guy except you don’t want something serious with him.

Sex brings responsibility

Enjoying sex comes with responsibility, if you are not ready to have kids then you need to be responsible enough to prevent it, and the responsibility is on both males and females. If you are hoping to make babies, you need to ensure your finances/income is enough to accommodate a child, otherwise, be ready to practice safe and protected sex. Think deeply about the health and pregnancy risk of having sex before you decide you are ready for sex

Also, Where do you stand in your relationship? is it a real relationship? do you love your partner as much as they love you? be sure you and your partner are on the same page because sex is much more emotional for girls than it is for boys,

Girls develop strong likeness and compassion for the first guy they have sex with, so if one person is in love and the other is not in love it could end up in emotional distress, because even if the person is just your friend you could lose that person after having sex so ask yourself if you are willing to lose that friendship.

20s is the right age to start having sex

The right age to have sex is when you can make that decision that you want to have sex and feel good about it that it is the right time, and it is for good reasons. Otherwise, if you have sex when you are not ready, it could cause shame, embarrassment, and regret.

So ideally the right age to start to get engaged in sex would be in your 20s when you are matured enough to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, when you are matured enough to keep track of your sexual activities and enjoy your craving without any fear of getting caught, pregnant, affecting your dreams, or destroying your life.

Do well to practice safe sex. if you are finding it hard to get a girlfriend read our post on How to get a girlfriend if you are an introvert.

What is the right age to have sex
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