What to Expect When Dating A Nigerian Man: All Shades of Grey

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when to expect when dating a Nigerian man

What happens when you are dating a different race from yours particularly when it comes to dating a Nigerian man, what can you possibly expect. Dating spans age, culture, race, and socioeconomic class in today’s highly globalized society.

Many people, however, find comfort in recognizing their commonalities when it comes to choosing a spouse, particularly when it comes to ethnicity.

Similar cultures and ideas are elements that influence the success of a relationship in Nigeria. As a result, it’s simple to see why so many dating sites cater to people looking for a spouse with a similar racial background.

Online dating isn’t just a phenomenon in Western countries. Rapid technological improvements in Nigeria have resulted in inventions such as internet dating. Singles can now use any of the best black dating services to find a match, as opposed to taking a conservative approach to finding a companion. Another amazing feature of these sites is that you may create your own dating profile and choose your ethnicity. Because of the large database, you’re more likely to find a match or numerous matches in a short period of time.

Is internet dating truly doing away with conventional Nigerian dating standards, aside from the speed, convenience, and accuracy of discovering someone who matches your dating preferences? Let’s take a deeper look at some of Nigeria’s well-known unwritten dating norms, Let’s debunk myths, find facts, and prepare our entrance into the major highlights of what you can expect when dating a Nigerian man or possibly marrying one.

First of all, let’s check the major necessities that are common in Nigerian dating customs regardless of the tribe or culture

Uniqueness Of The Dating Scene In Nigeria

What to expect when dating a Nigerian Man
  • Introduction Ceremony is the Official Announcement

In Nigeria, traditional conventions remain embedded, regardless of how sophisticated dating has become. It is only after a formal introduction, that a couple’s relationship becomes official. The pair announces their intention to marry during this event.

The groom’s family pays their respects at the bride’s home during the wedding. It’s a social gathering with food, drinks, and lighthearted banter.

Before this introduction ceremony, anything you and your partner are doing is unrecognized in both parents’ or families’ eyes except, it is a family-made match made. But as far as both parents have not met and consented to your dating then you are considered as playing.

You can break up without any consequences. He’s only testing the waters.

  • 3 weddings, one for family, God, and Country.

It may seem excessive to foreigners, but it is common for couples to hold three wedding ceremonies. Nigeria is home to about 250 ethnic groups, each with its own set of beliefs and traditions. As a result, couples are obligated to uphold these customs.

The first ceremony is typically more formal and honors African traditions. The second wedding is formal, and it entails filing documentation in court. The third wedding takes place in a church or mosque.

Nigerians don’t cut their coats according to their size. when it comes to weddings Nigerians Just have a way of fulfilling the 3 ceremonies regardless of their financial capacity. Maybe if your Nigerian Man is not having his Wedding in his home country or marrying a Nigerian lady then he could probably escape it.

  • By Age 30 You should be married or at least prepared to be married

Singles are expected to marry at a particular age in most traditional cultures. As you approach the age of 30, your family in Nigeria will most likely bother you about finding a companion.

Marriage and family are viewed as a person’s greatest success by older generations. While this may still be true today, young singles are less likely to be put under pressure. Nowadays, most young people place a higher value on their career aspirations than on getting married.

Benefits of Dating a Nigerian Man


Try getting out with a Nigerian guy if you want to have a romantic love life on this globe. You don’t have to be concerned because they are considerate, kind, and courteous, among other qualities…

what to expect when dating a Nigerian man

This is due to Nigerian cultures’ cultural education. I am not, however, claiming that Nigerian men are the most perfect men on earth. Of course, they are not all equal but a handful of Nigerian men are romantic, very romantic. They know how to care for the woman they love

  • The road to a man’s heart is through his stomach,’ as the adage goes.

Traditional Nigerian cuisine is enjoyed by many Nigerian males. You can reason his attention in the blink of an eye if you can produce a sumptuous dinner among the various delights we have in the country.
You might as well be lucky if you manage to keep his remote control. I’m sure you understand what we’re talking about.


Men in Nigeria are shaped by their cultures and customs to treat women with respect, regardless of where they come from. As a result, they have learned to value and appreciate women of various ethnic and religious backgrounds. Nigerian Men are respectful of their women just as much as they demand respect from their women.

In fact, the interpretation of love for a Nigerian Man is Respect, they give respect, eat respect, breathe respect, and want respect.

  • Money Spenders

It is impossible to deny that some Nigerians are extremely greedy. Nonetheless, the majority of them enjoy spending money. These kinds of men enjoy spending time with their friends and other loved ones in order to have a nice time. Spending money is as simple for them as drinking water.

There are a lot more things you should know about Nigerian men before jumping into a relationship with them.

Feel free to hook up with a Nigerian guy if you want to feel like a queen. These guys enjoy providing their girlfriends with anything that will make them feel special.
Purchasing gorgeous clothing and jewelry, as well as providing a high standard of life by taking them to fine restaurants and shopping malls, are examples of these arrangements.
They have a beautiful way of expressing their love as they attempt to impress their women, aside from the stuff they can buy for you. What are their methods for accomplishing this?
They ensure that their partners’ important occasions, such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays, are commemorated.


A Nigerian man will go the extra mile to ensure his woman is sexually satisfied, they don’t like to be seen as sexually weak. Be rest assured your Man will give you any time and care for you.

Crazy Things To Expect when Dating a Nigerian Man

Nobody is perfect, despite all the good things about dating a Nigerian man, there are still a lot of crazy things that can be a major turn off with dating them

  1. Polygamous in nature: yes all men are polygamous, they have a woman they love dearly but they can’t resist the urge to indulge once in a while, There will often than not always be the main chick and a side chick.
  2. Family Problem: in Nigeria, you are married to both the man and his family, you have to learn to accept his family excesses, mother in law, sister in law, uncles and aunties, etc
  3. Temper: Be careful not to push him to the wall, don’t try to push his limits your sweet Nigerian man can change on you within a twinkle of an eye, just tread with caution. what I mean is if the argument is getting too heated, know when to cool the tension. Nigerian Men are sweet but you don’t want to bring out the beast in them.

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