What You Need to Know About Kayanmata Natural Aphrodisiac Herbs 2021

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silky kola for wetness and libido kayanmata aphrodisiac herbs

Kayanmata is a Natural Aphrodisiac herb that has been used in northern Nigeria for centuries to prepare women and men for marriage, in Nigeria, other cultures have different methods for the preparation of the bride and groom before marriage, for the Efik/Ibibio they usually practice “fattening room” for their brides, but cultures in the northern part Nigeria uses Kayanmata.

Here I will tell you all you need to know about kayanmata, the truth, the real kayanmata, and the fake kayanmata, the fetish rituals ignorantly called kayanmata. Although Kayanmata is not only used by the Hausa Fulani tribe of Northern Nigeria, it cuts across, Chad, Niger, Sudan, Mali, and other neighboring countries of various cultures.

Kanuri culture of Maiduguri has the largest kayanmata products and they have passed the knowledge to their daughters, also they share borders with neighboring cultures that use herbs and roots to prepare themselves before marriage. Read I Don’t Enjoy Sex With My Husband: What Is Wrong With Me.

what you need to know about kayanmata natural aphrodisiac herbs

What is Kayanmata Aphrodisiac

Kayanmata is generally herbs, or a combination of herbs, spices, nuts, fruits, etc It has various functions but usually for sex health, appearance, and pleasurable sex life for both men and women. There are different types of kanyamata performing similar functions.

There are more than 100 kanyamata Natural Aprodasiac herbs that are used for various functions concerning sex enhancement, infertility, and maintenance.

Natura Kayanmata Aphrodisiac herbs for Vagina sweetness and wetness
Aphrodisiac for Wetness and sweetness of the vagina

Natural Kayanmata Aphrodisiac herbs can be grouped into the following categories,

  1. Natural contraceptive: for birth control or planned parenting
  2. Breast enlargement and Penis Enlargement
  3. Vigina or sexually transmitted infection
  4. Fertility: there are natural Aphrodisiac herbs that are used to boast fertility for both men and women
  5.  Sex sweetner: this is to make sex sweet and pleasureable for women the way it is for men
  6. Vigina tightening
  7. Libido: to increase sex urge in men and women with low sex drive
  8. Manpower and lasting herbs for men
  9. Bonding: this is for bonding between a married woman and her husband, or between a fiancee and a fiance
  10. Natural Sex lubricant: this is a natural form of lube to reduce friction during sex
  11. incense: Natural Aphrodisaic Kayanmata could also be in form of incense for fragance to make the bedroom smell nice and sweet and just keep the atmosphere lovely and romantic

Kayanmata in Northern Nigeria

Generally, polygamy is a very common practice in the northern part of Nigeria and the men need to be strong and fit in other to sexually satisfy their wives, the wives also practice keeping themselves to be the best in preparing for their turn.

The use of kayanmata recently became popular outside the northern region when a popular Kanya Mata and spiritual products seller on Social media Jaruma began to preach the goodness of the northern Kayanmata Aphrodaiac herbs to people of other cultures.

The acceptance of kayanmata become very popular and accepted in the west and south because women saw it as a way to keep their husbands and home if their sex life is great, although polygamy is not openly accepted in the west and south, men usually have other girlfriends outside their marriages.

Jaruma preached the goodness of the herbs to improve the sex life of couples which would, in turn, prevent men from engaging in extramarital activities.

Ayu Kayanmata for Bonding

Does Kayanmata Aprodisiac Herbs really work?

Yes, herbs-based Kayan Mata  Aphrodisiac for sex enhancement and performance do work, it has been in use for centuries before the invention of modern medicine to preserve marriages and sex life in Northern Nigeria. 

sex is an important part of life and it is important we take care of our sexual health, although The Nigerian Culture doesn’t really speak about sex openly, and we don’t engage in speaking up about our sex lives, but most marriages fail because of lack of satisfaction and either of the partner begin to cheat and keep extramarital affairs.

The Kayan Mata aphrodisiac has helped nursing mothers to tighten the vagina after childbirth or aging, it has helped women with low sex drive or those who experience pain and friction during sex to get sexual urges that complement their husbands which keeps their spouse happy and satisfied. Kayanmata has been the secret the northern culture has used to enjoy a pleasurable sex life in their marriages.

Although it is still in its traditional form without much scientific research, it has gained the limelight and is now widely accepted.

Are there Natural Kayanmata Aphrodisiac Herbs for men?

There are Natural Kayanmata Aphrodisiac herbs for men, there are herbs that work for weak erection, penis enlargement, low sperm, infertility, premature ejaculation, low libido, low sex drive, men who need help in solving sex issues can use kayanmata aphrodisiac to regain their confidence and enjoy their sex lives without any side effects

Gorontula Aphrodisiac syrup for extreme wetness and libido
Gorontula Syrup and Men Sex drive maca root

Bad and devilish product that are mistaken for kayanmata

There are other categories of product which some sellers sell that has flooded the social media space, it is termed spiritual products with extravagant claims like, Attraction, Money oil, Curse breakers, promise and fail stopper, the sellers of this items come with various reviews that their clients have used and have worked for them, and there is also a great misconception that this is part of kayanmata products. This is not Kayanmata, nor Natural Aphrodisiac Product.

There are even worse categories that are very berserk, which has made a lot of people frown at the mention of Kayan Mata.  These are evil products that can be used to do harm. Like be the favorite amongst your cowives,  take other peoples spouse, or even for control and favoritism

1. Any Product that requires, somebody’s picture, incantation, body fluid, Partners Name, or your name, the use of padlocks, body parts, hair, fingernails, all these things are bad and diabolical and devilish this is not Kayanmata and they come with dire consequences.

2. Recalling past lovers, love portions, activities, and sacrifices using Chicken, goats, etc is not Kayanmata and you put yourself at risk. So be very careful, some men and women patronize these bad and devilish things.

3. Anyone that has to do with talk and do, do as I say, Stingy man kit for collecting money from your sex partners, this is not kayanmata it is bad and devilish.

4. To be the favorite especially for those in polygamous marriages, this is not kayanmata these are bad and devilish products, it is not Kayanmata

5. Products that promise you to get money from men even without sleeping with them, this is not kayanmata, Love potion to have a man dying for you and playing with his emotions e.t.c This is not Kayanmata.

6. Products that promise you to get money, cars, house, from men or being the center of attraction are not Kayanmata products.

These products are not Kayanmata and they are fetish with spiritual consequences. Kanyamata is only for Sex, body Enhancement, and pleasure. The sellers of these products put outlandish claims and attach fake reviews, don’t be gullible.

Where To Get Natural Kayanmata Herbs in Nigeria.

When purchasing Kanyanmata Aphrodaics herbs you have to be sure you are buying the genuine item, the market is flooded with illegitimate products because of the growing demand and ignorance of people around the subject matter.

Natural Aphrodisiac Herbs for tightening and scenting the vagina
Vagina steaming herbs for infection

Some of them can cause you more harm than good, like Cholera, Diaharre, due to poor hygienic preparation of the items, also since they are herbs it is important to know the exact dosage to use so as not to cause dangerous side effects.

Kayanmata is an herbal product for sex pleasure and enhancement to enjoy sex with your partner, don’t be tricked into getting yourself involved in diabolic things that would bring you consequences be very careful they won’t tell you the repercussion that it is Juju, black magic, and voodoo. Read Is It Good To Marry Out Of Pity: here is what I learned.

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