When To Let Go Of a Long Distance Relationship

by Ben Danor

When it’s time to let go of  a long-distance relationship, you don’t have to be told; you would see the signs. Although not everyone is observant to notice these signs. 

Even if it’s a short distance relationship and not a long-distance relationship, you see stuff like frequent fights and lack of trust telling you that there’s nothing more in this relationship; it’s time to call it quits. 

You can try to save your long-distance relationship. Still, not all long-distance relationships are meant to lead to marriage. Some are to teach us lessons we won’t learn until we have an experience. 

When it’s time to let go of a long-distance relationship, there are some signs you will see. I bet your question is, what are these signs that it’s time to let go of my long-distance relationship? Don’t rush! I have researched and prepared a list of signs that it’s time to let go of  your long-distance relationship. 

When to let go of a long distance relationship

A Little Piece of Advice

A bit of advice I would give is that you shouldn’t be in a rush to leave your long-distance relationship, especially if it’s your first time being in one. This is because Long Distance Relationships are usually hard at the beginning; both of you are still figuring things out. 

It’s normal for long-distance relationships to look rough at inception. Don’t make the mistake of quitting before the journey starts. Before you decide to leave a long-distance relationship, you must have spent a while in it. 

It’s tough to tell the exact moment you should let go of  your long-distance relationship; different things work for different people. Leaving someone who gave you enough memories is very hard. This is why some people stay with their ex despite the relationship not working. 

They are scared and wonder how life would be without this special person. If you are experiencing this, let go and face your fear. The beginning is undoubtedly going to be tough, but it will be worth it. Below are some signs that it’s time to let go of your long-distance relationship: 

1. You No Longer Feel Connected to Your Partner Anymore

Emotional connection is no doubt vital in a long-distance relationship; the moment you start losing that connection and intimacy, the relationship is close to an end. The bad news is that building emotional connection and intimacy in a long-distance relationship is very hard; I’m not saying it’s not possible. 

The best way to feel connected with a partner is by spending enough time with them. Now that you don’t feel that connection and are emotionally overwhelmed, building it back will be difficult as the distance is not helping matters. This could also be a result of poor communication. Since the relationship is a distant one, you need to prioritize communication. 

If the communication is lagging behind, the relationship, too will. How do you want to feel connected to a distant partner when the communication is wack? Suppose both of you have lost the connection and nobody’s interested in restoring it. In that case, it’s time to let go of the long-distance relationship. 

2. Your Partner is not Talking About Staying Together, and You’re Tired of Staying Apart.

This is also a good reason to let go of a long-distance relationship. The ultimate goal of most long-distance couples is to wake up in each other’s arms one day or live closer to each other one day. 

In many cases, what keeps long distance relationships going is the belief that you will live together one day. This has always driven many distant couples. This is one major reason people are convinced that long distance relationships are worth it. If you are in a relationship where your partner is not talking about coming together, and you don’t see that happening in a few years, it could be a sign for you to let go.

You start to question yourself, what’s the essence of being in a long-distance relationship and having no hope of eventually seeing each other or moving in together? You can leave such a relationship, and no one should blame you for that. 

Some people can’t handle staying apart, coupled with the fact that the future looks bleak. They don’t see themselves moving in with their partners in years. It’s time to let go of the long-distance relationship; there should always be a happy ending to look forward to. This would always inspire one to work hard and make sure the relationship works out. 

3. Your Life Goals Don’t Align With Those of Your Partners.

We often blame people for quitting Long Distance Relationships, but we don’t know why they made such a decision. Some already saw the reality and predicted that the long-distance relationship is going nowhere. 

The Truth is, if a relationship is leading somewhere, you don’t have to be told; you should sense it from the onset. If you are strongly convinced that your partner doesn’t plan to move in with you or your life goals are in contrast with the relationship, you can let go of  such a relationship. 

Let’s assume you are ready to settle down, but your partner still has a long way to go. Your partner, on the other hand, is yet to enter college and doesn’t plan to settle down in the next five years. 

The question is can you wait for 5 years? If age is not on your side or you know deep down that you can’t wait that long, you can let go of the long-distance relationship. Your life goals don’t align with those of your partner, and you both are not ready to compromise. The best thing to do is go different ways. 

4. Your Partner is Losing Interest in The Relationship

No one needs to tell you that your long-distance relationship will never work if a party has lost interest. If you need someone to tell you, then I have! If your partner is losing interest or has lost total interest in the long-distance relationship, letting go is your best option. Of course, you can try to change their minds and let them get Interested in the relationship but if it doesn’t work, quit the relationship. 

It’s hard to do this, but you don’t have many choices; you can’t single-handedly run a long-distance relationship, and you need two to tangle. If they are not interested and you have to make them get interested, it’s a sign that you should let go of the relationship. It’s a hard choice to make, but you can’t drive this boat all by yourself. 

5. You Don’t Trust Your Partner.

It is always advised that you don’t go into a long-distance relationship with someone you don’t trust or that has once cheated on you. If you go into a long-distance relationship with such a person, you won’t be at peace. 

Their record of infidelity will always make you think they are cheating on you even when they are not. Let’s assume you called him, and he’s on another call at that moment. You called him later, and it’s still the same. You might start to think he’s talking with another lady, but he’s on a business call in reality. 

Your head is filled with many negative things because you don’t trust him. A long-distance relationship without trust is not going to make it. Sometimes In long-distance relationships, you don’t know how things are going, what your partner is into and how they spend their time, but trust keeps you going. Imagine a long-distance relationship without trust?

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I give up on a Long Distance Relationship?

Absence of intimacy, poor communication, lack of trust, and uncertainty about your future together; if you notice these things, you can give up on the long-distance relationship. 

What Kills Long Distance Relationships?

Many things like long-distance relationships. However, the notable ones are ineffective communication, lack of intimacy, absence of trust, uncertainty about the future, and many others. 

How Long Do Long Distance Relationships Last on Average?

According to statistics, 40 percent of all long-distance relationships end in a breakup, while those Relationships last for four and a half months on average. 

Final Words

Not every long-distance relationship will work out. Yours could be part of the 40 percent that doesn’t work out. Don’t stick to a long-distance relationship that isn’t working out because you are scared of how life will be when you leave them. 

In case you are wondering how it will be, life continues. Of course, you will be hurt and might spend months recovering, but you will eventually move on. However, before letting go of a long-distance relationship, ensure you have tried your best to make it work. This will make you be at peace. 

Have you ever let go of a long-distance relationship? How was the experience? What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced in a long-distance relationship? You can share it with the mildstrings community if you don’t mind. If they are personal or you don’t want to share it under the comments section, you can email us directly!

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