Why you shouldn’t date a single dad? He would always cheat on you.

by Onyinye Ogbuka
Why you shouldn't date a single dad/mildstrings

Why you shouldn’t date a single dad? Agnes remembered her sister telling her why she should not date Charles but she refused. It didn’t matter to Agnes that he was a single dad. To her, it meant he was responsible. Was she wrong? When she found out what he did. She was heartbroken.

Why you shouldn’t date a single dad? Cute to watch

Agnes was comparing the prices of both products; two different jars of jam of different brands when a little girl ran past her down the aisle. She took a side glance and saw her father hurriedly walking after the little girl. He was trying not to run after her and was calling her name when he passed by Agnes. Agnes saw the girl disappear around the curve of the aisle and her father following suit.

Agnes sighted her coming again and positioned herself to catch her. By the time her father had surfaced, Agnès had the girl in her arms. The little girl was giggling and trying to get down.

The father breathed a sigh of relief on seeing her with Agnes. When he came close enough to take her from Agnes, he thanked her and Agnes handed her over to him. The little girl smiled at her father who looked like he was ready to spank her. He was trying to act stern but could not hold his smile. It was obvious the big man was wrapped around his child’s little fingers. He loved his daughter very much. It was cute to watch.

Agnes continued to stare at them till they disappeared out of her sight. She took one of the jars without checking the price and walked to the counter. There, she met the man again. Agnes liked that he was the one coming to do the shopping, that for her, spelled homeliness. She knew the woman who married him would be lucky to have him. Her eyes instinctively went to his ring finger, there was no ring there.

Why you shouldn’t date a single dad? Female cupid

She liked him. Agnes decided she was going to shoot her shot but first she would get her facts right before shooting her shot. She quickly paid for her stuff and hurriedly made her way out of the mall into the parking lot where she waited for him.

A few minutes later, he materialized with his daughter in his arms. He put his things into the boot and she walked up to him. She introduced herself and asked if he was married, she saw the look of surprise on his face but he was quick to reply that he was not married.

Agnes asked if he was in a relationship, and he told her he was not in a relationship. She bluntly confessed that she liked him and asked that he goes on a date with her. He was shocked and pleasantly surprised, and he agreed to go with her on the date. She breathlessly thanked him and got his contact.

Why you shouldn’t date a single dad? Beautiful things

The date was set for next week. She met with him at an upscale restaurant. A few minutes into the date, Agnes was glad she asked him out. He had a great sense of humor that she liked. By the end of the date, it felt like they had known each other forever. He took the initiative this time to ask her on another date which she eagerly agreed to. It was hard to say goodbye

Their communication did not end at the restaurant, it continued on phone. Agnes loved his name, it sounded sweet and rhymed with her’s. Charles was a nice name. The guy was attracted to her too. They started hanging out, she loved his company.

Why you shouldn't date a single dad/pinterest pin/mildstrings

He invited her to come to his house so she could reacquaint herself with his daughter. She found out his daughter stayed with her mom. Agnes met his daughter and the girl warmed up to her in no time. The three of them started hanging out together. She loved him and wished he would ask her out already. It was as if he read her mind and asked her to date him, she didn’t waste time saying yes.

Chilly receptions

Agnes was curious as to how they were not together. Charles explained to her that his baby mama roped him into having a baby. He was not ready to have a child so she intentionally avoided contraceptives, plus she cheated on him. When he found out, he was hurt by her betrayal and they broke up. He took responsibility for the child and decided to co-parent

She pitied him and comforted him.

Agnes visited Charles a few months into their relationship, she met his baby mama. She tried to warm up to his baby mama but she was thrown off with the cold shoulder that was given to her.

Agnes maintained her peace till she left. She complained to Charles about his baby mama’s behavior and he assured her she would come around.

It’s so cold outside

Six months into their relationship, at the request of Charles, Agnes moved into Charles’s house. She liked that Charles was taking this next step with her. 

On a particular night, she and Charles were sleeping when Charles’s phone began to ring. Charles picked up the call to find out his daughter had been rushed to the hospital. He quickly explained the situation to Agnes who hurriedly followed him. By the time they got to the hospital, his child had been rushed into the emergency room. Immediately Charles’s baby mama saw him, she flew into Charles’s arms and cried on his chest while he wrapped his arms around her.  Agnes awkwardly wrapped her hands around herself and tried to stifle her jealousy at such close contact between her boyfriend and his baby mama.

A few hours later, Charles’s daughter was brought out of the emergency room and both parents had to take a look at their child. Agnes sat in the waiting section, she didn’t want to go back home so Charles would not feel like she did not care. When they both came out, she pushed her feelings away and tried to understand the situation; they were still holding each other’s hands.

It was time to go home and Charles had to follow his baby mama to her house to take care of their child. Agnes had to go back home alone, she experienced difficulty processing her feelings and was trying her best to be the best girlfriend. She pecked him on the cheeks and went home alone to a cold bed.

Why you shouldn’t date a single dad? Love cost a thing.

Agnes wasn’t sure she could handle this kind of arrangement in the subsequent future. She loved having her man to herself. However, she promised herself to not for any reason give up now.

She called in the morning to check on her boyfriend and his daughter. The baby mama picked up the call and her tone was dismissive. She politely asked the baby mama to give the phone to her boyfriend. The baby mama told her, her boyfriend was sleeping.

Why you shouldn't date a single dad/mildstrings
Why you shouldn’t date a single dad

When Jake woke up, he returned the call. He apologized to Agnes and talked to her for a while. Jake spent the entire week at his baby mama’s house which left Agnes feeling grumpy, she missed him so much. She forgave him immediately, he lifted her from the door and kissed her passionately.

Why you shouldn’t date a single dad? Second fiddle

His baby mama started denying him the right to see his baby girl. She insisted he comes to her house if he wanted to see his child. She wasn’t going to leave her child in the presence of any stranger; Agnes. Charles had to oblige her. Agnes wanted Charles to take a stand but he could not, it was a bitter pill to swallow.

Sometimes his baby mama would call in the night to tell him his daughter refuses to sleep without him. He would try cajoling his daughter into sleeping via phone and when that did not work, he had to spend the night at his baby mama’s place.

Agnes was getting fed up. To her, this was too much. She didn’t mind playing second fiddle but not when her boyfriend danced to the tune of his baby mama.

A bleak future

A year later, Agnes had had it up to her neck, the calls were too much. His baby mama even sends Charles to go on errands for her. She confronted Charles over it who denied it, and they had a row.

The next week, she opened Charles’s phone to call the handyman and mistakenly clicked on the baby mama’s message. The last message was the picture of a baby scan and the text with it was “see our second baby, four months now”.

She was out of her mind for a while. She didn’t want to believe this. Agnes wanted to accept it was a lie meant to break them up. When Jake came out of the shower, Agnes asked him if what she saw was true. With the way he looked down, she knew her boyfriend had cheated.

This was over, she knew, there was no way she could live with this. Her boyfriend had been sleeping with his baby mama for months now and here she was, thinking they had a future when there was none at all. With tears in her eyes, she furiously gathered her things, while he begged her. He didn’t know what he wanted, she thought, and it was obvious. She was not going to make him choose. He was not worth it.

She moved out and went back to her home, it’s been a while, she thought.

She would heal and move on.


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