Signs To Know Your Man Enjoys Having Sex With You.

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In this article, I shared some signs you should observe during sex that tells you your man enjoys having sex with you. These signs should teach you how to know when he enjoyed the sex. Every guy can buy you a gift to show that they like you, just to get you in bed and that’s it. But for a man to enjoy having sex with you and fulfill your requirements to be sexually active with are signs that he enjoys making love to you.

Good sex is one of the bonds that keep a marriage or relationship together. If your man is satisfied he won’t cheat and he will show you signs he loves you when making love. I am against the popular belief that if a guy doesn’t love you he won’t cum (ejaculate) on time, which means he will keep drilling you for a longer time before he releases, actually that is a myth.

This can make questions like, “how do you know he enjoyed the sex?” arise. The thing is, the longer or shorter the sex duration does not equate to love or sweet love-making. But here, in this article, we have written out some ways you can actually know the signs of making love and when he enjoys sex with you.

signs to know your man enjoys having sex with you

Kissing during sex is a sign he enjoys having sex with you

It takes a level of enjoyment for a man to kiss you during sex, if he kisses you while in action and then grips you tight this is a good sign. Kissing is intimate, it is something a man does when he cares about you and when he is deeply in love with you, for you to know your man enjoys sex with you and he is in love with you, Kissing you during Sex is a good way to determine.

If he is not kissing you then it’s a one-time thing and believe you could be his booty call, Kissing during sex is a sign of intimacy which shows that he is making love with you not just having sex.

If a man makes eye contact with you during sex

This is a good sign your man enjoys having sex with you which in turn means he loves you deeply, if a man cannot maintain eye contact with you while are both having sex, then he is only passing time with you and this is not lovemaking nor enjoying sweet sex with you, that means there is something about you that he is not just comfortable with you.

The connection between lovemaking, enjoying sex and eye contact is a great sign, if the eye contact is just a small gaze and he quickly takes his eyes off, then that’s not really it, the eye contact during sex is a long gaze and if he doesn’t feel awkward that’s the moment you know you are being enjoyed sexually.

Moaning is the most important sign he enjoys sex with you

Moaning is a low sound of pleasure, humans exhibit during sex. Unlike a girl that can fake moaning just to increase the ego of the man, a man would hardly fake the moan, when a man moans during sexual intercourse or foreplay it means the pleasure is intense, it is hitting the right nerves and the moaning is unavoidable, if the moaning sound is a little loud at the point of ejaculation, just be sure to get a tight cuddle after the sex, this is to say the sex was steaming hot, sweet and draining.

if a man enjoys sex with you he would cuddle you after
Two cuddling Bananas

If he keeps asking you for it, every time he sees you.

For a Married couple, a healthy sex calendar is between 3-4 times a week. If he doesn’t ask as often as that then you might need to work on yourself. A man might have sex for the purpose of the nightstand, or just a short period but if he keeps reminiscing on that experience, calling, texting, and making arrangements to have another sexual experience again that means he enjoys the sex experience and would love to have you again and again. Even if it means traveling for it.

Always Horny around you

It could even be when you are out in the public, he tells you he feels like having you that means he finds you attractive and he enjoys making love to you.

if your man always gets an erection every time you are alone with him, even without you touching him, that is a sign he enjoys having sex with you. In other words, you should be proud of your honey pot. It is in good condition and it makes his dick stand every time.

insects Enjoying sex
Two insects enjoying sex

Tolerate your rules

A lady might be the type with so many rules before sex, but because the man enjoys having sex with her he wouldn’t mind, also there is a thin line between rules and disrespect, a man might not take disrespect,  but some little nasty rules here are there to get the man busy would be tolerated just to have a taste of the choochie, this is an evident sign to tell that the man is into the pussy you are offering and wouldn’t mind getting his hands dirty in other to have it.


If he tells you his secrets

If he tells you things he may have not told anyone before, for a man to open up to you about his deepest secrets, it means he craves you both emotionally and physically, he enjoys your company and he enjoys making love to you. If he doesn’t enjoy you sexually or only for the purpose of sex he won’t cuddle you to have pillow talks with you after sex nor hug you tight,

You will discuss things from his fantasies to his techniques to what gives him the deepest satisfaction or arousal, after which he will feel satisfied and happy which shows that he has enjoyed his moment with you.

If he engages you in sex chat, sex text or sex talks. 

The slightest opportunity he gets to talk to you or chat, he always talks about 18+ things, that a sign he’s horny for you, he might not necessarily want to say he wants to have sex with you again, but the sex talk and chat is in an attempt to get you to fantasize about the sex topic you are both chatting on and would probably give him a green light to ask you.

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